Thomas talking about JOA's $10,000 contribution to KCF. Thomas saying that was done freely and voluntarily. Witness agrees. 

Thomas saying that witness had ability to communicate easily with mayor. Witness disagrees. 

Witness agrees there was nothing corrupt in giving KCF money. 

Going back to witness meetings with the FBI where they asked questions about the payment of Kilpatrick's suits. In an October 5th meeting this year at the FBI offices, the witness discussed the $32,000 he got from sub-contractors for Kilpatrick's re-election campaign. Witness agrees he has no reason to believe that the money didn't go to the campaign. 

12:35PM Ferguson leaning over at the defendants' table as he whispers to Kwame. 

Looking at bills from Fashion International. Witness says these were the bills shown to him by the FBI. Witness says he goes to Fashion International to buy his clothing. First invoice from March 11th 2002 for $3,142, second for $3,817 and third $2,141. Witness acknowledges that he spends thousands of dollars on suits. Some of the bills indicate layaway. 

Thomas says no one asked you to pay for the mayor's suits. Witness says Larry advised him. Thomas says but mayor never called to thank him for the suits. Witness agrees. Thomas says that at one point he told the federal agents that since he never heard a thank you from the mayor, he thought maybe Larry had pocketed the money. Witness agrees that he did. 

Witness says he told the FBI multiple times he did not pay for the mayor's suits but ultimately told the suits. 

Thomas stressing that the federal agents told the witness what they were looking to with regards to the mayor's suits. 

Thomas saying that witness told FBI that he found out from Larry the tailor that the Kilpatrick administration was not happy with him. Thomas also saying that we don't have the letter that the witness allegedly sent Kilpatrick at the tailor's suggestion. 

Thomas takes a document to the witness and trips. 

"No more tripping please," says the judge. 

Looking at bill from Fashion International for the witness's suits on March 11th 2002. Says transaction "lay" meaning layaway. 

"Are you capable of making mistakes as relates to times and places," asks Thomas. 

Witness says that everyone makes mistakes.

Thomas is done. US Attorney Jennifer Blackwell says she has redirect but it is more than 10 minutes so maybe she should continue Monday morning. Judge agrees and adjourns court for the week.

 We'll be back Monday at 9am.

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