Thomas is showing Kilpatrick’s 2003 Executive Order for the utilization of Detroit Based Businesses. 

“All city departments and agencies shall encourage such businesses to participate in the bidding for their professional services contracts.” 

Thomas asks Harris if he understood “this was your charge?” Harris says, “I understood it, but that was not my charge.” 

“Who is Sharon McPhail?” Thomas asks. “Was she in the law department?” Thomas asks. Harris thinks she was corporation counsel at the time. 

Harris says he complained to Phillips to complain about this “foolishness” involving having to yank a company’s certification. 

Thomas: “Gerard Grant Phillips isn’t here today. He’s not available? The reason is because, he’s dead?!? Right?”  

“No one else can verify what you said to him or what he said to you!” 

Thomas is warned by the judge for being argumentative. 

A memo is now being shown: 

From Darryl Latimer with DWSD to Gerard Grant Phillips

May 5th, 2006 is the date of the memo questioning DLZ’s status as a “Detroit based business.”


Email being shown now to the jury. 

From: Dan Edwards, DWSD

To: Kim Harris 

Subject: “DHB Investigation of DLZ certification.” 

Harris is being asked if he remembers that DWSD asked him to investigate DLZ’s status as “Detroit Based” despite the company being headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. 

Thomas is grilling Harris if he thinks he did a “thorough investigation” to find out if DLZ did indeed deserve it’s certification. 

It’s getting testy in here. This is as fired up as we’ve seen Jim Thomas. 

Judge Edmunds jumping in to Thomas’s quick-fire questions and answers: “Let him answer the question Mr. Thomas!

Thomas: “I’m trying to move it along.”

Judge Edmunds: “You can’t move it along by testifying.”

Thomas: “Fine. I’ll take my time.”