She says Thomas can stick to what Harris did at the time of the decertification. 

“I’ve ruled now three or four times, I am not going to rule again.” Edmunds tells Thomas.


During the break down on the first floor of the courthouse an observer of the trial indicated to Ferguson attorney Mike Rataj that: "your in big trouble!"  referring to the current witness.  Rataj retorted: "this ain't my first rodeo."

Back in the courtroom: Thomas on cross of Kim Harris; questions as to the certification of DLZ.  Thomas is trying to show DLZ was not a Detroit Headquartered Business.  

The judge has issues with this line of questioning because the witness has already indicated the human rights department and the city law department analysis at the time had approved DLZ, and Harris had no further involvement.  For the purpose of this trial, DLZ could have it's headquarters on the moon. 

The real issues pertaining to this trial are Kilpatrick telling the human rights department to decertify DLZ to improve Fergusons company ranking in the bidding for CM-2014. 

10:52 AM

Judge calls a side-bar.

10:56 - Thomas is still banging his head against the wall with this DLZ headquarter issue.  Harris indicated the only controversy back in 2006 was the definition of a "Detroit Headquartered Business."  At the time DLZ met that definition, later the city changed the definition.  Harris was uncomfortable with the decertifying of DLZ.  

The judge is encouraging Thomas to "move along."  

Thomas, not moving on, asks if Harris is aware of complaints from other contractors as the headquarter location of DLZ.  Harris was not aware of any complaints or actions from other contractors.

Again, the judge asks Thomas to "move along."

Thomas is finally done.

Next comes Ferguson attorney Susan Van Dusen - it was a bit unclear what she was talking about - but thankfully it was brief and she is now done.

Now we have John Shea, Bernard Kilpatrick's attorney - asks if Harris recalls meeting with FBI Agent Beckman this past summer.  Harris remembers a discussion about contractor Jenkins following the rules for sub-contractors.  This is in reference to later issues, but because the are not recalling Harris Shea wanted this information on the record.

Shea is finished, Harris is dismissed.

The Government calls Agent Carol Paskevich- Criminal Investigations Unit of the EPA.  a text message from one of Fergusons employees K Merritt to Bobby Ferguson in 2002 indicated they knew Lakeshore was awarded 1361 and Marrett wanted to know if there was anything Bobby could do.

Memo form Detroit Water commissioners recommendation inland waters get the contract in 2003.

text from Ferguson to Kwame: "are you going to call victor today three of us will break bread later today."  Kilpatrick "I holla at you later."

In another text, Kilpatrick tell Ferguson he is holding 1361 and will "hold it a long time." 


Text show Derrick Miller had a meeting with Tom Hardeman and Miller was told by Kilpatricks assistant to be vague in his discussions about 1361. 

CS-1361 awarded to LES was cancelled and the work was rolled into CS-1368 where the same work requested in the cancelled contract was performed by Ferguson for $20.8 million. 

CM-2014 FEI received $3.3 million xcel (Ferguson) $822K  CM-2015 FEI $13.1 million and xcel $3.5 million.