Amru Meah, Director of the Building Safety for the City of Detroit told Kado he had to bring one of his buildings up-to-code.  Kado would put in $200,000 and the city would take up the rest, $3.2 Million. 

First wire tap recording - February 8, 2008 meeting with Bernard Kilpatrick at Toms Oyster Bar: Kado talking (music under) about not getting paid at Cobo for three years,  Bernard said he knew;

Kado talks about the $100,000 he gave to Bernard for the mayor.  Bernard says he: "is trying to make you whole but, I can't get all that."  Kado wanted an extension of the food contract at Cobo.  Kado says he doesn't want something for nothing. Bernard: wanted Archie Clark (former basketball player) part of the contracts.  Kado says "I don't care whatever you want."  Bernard says: Archie's name doesn't need to be on the contract. 

Kado says: Henery Hesson has a food background and should be on the contract.  Bernard says the mayor doesn't want that because he has said bad things about the mayor.  Bernard talks about people that have said bad things about the mayor, Bernard says: Mildred Gaddis is an avowed enemy of the mayor. 

Bernard says "he wants what is fair, 10."  Bullotta stops the tape: Kado explains Bernard wants 10% of the money owed to Kado if he gets the contract for Kado.

Back to the tape: Bernard says: "you kept up for a while, what do you think is fair?"  Kado replies: "what every you want, but I need to get my money first."  Bernard says: "Archie gets 20% and I get $160,000 'cause he hasn't done sh*t."  "I will be a consultant."  Kado says: "I will give you part by part."

Kado tells Bernard Tom Tusky is blocking me (acting Director of Cobo at the time)  Bernard says: "you don't tell no one, when I see the money coming and I get this consulting agreement."  Kado say: "this is double payment."  Bernard says: "I spent that money and some of mine."

The tape ends, and Bullotta asks what the meaning of that conversation was?  Kado says it like if you go into a restaurant and eat, you don't need a consultant to pay the bill.  Bernard wanted part of the money the city owed to him, and to get it he had to pay Bernard and Archie the former basketball player.

11:51AM Time for a short 5 minute break.

1:00 PM

John Shea - Bernard Kilpatrick's attorney on Cross Examination:

Your plea agreement requires you to testify here today.  You are guilty of wrong-doing.  You were bribing Lou Pavledes (Cobo Director) correct?  Kado: No, I was extorted to keep my business in Cobo. 

Shea: You brought $20,000 to Pavledes because he came to you and said we are partners. Kado: Yes.  Shea: You also made payment to Pavledes successor Glen Blanton?  Kado: Yes, Blanton only $10,000 and Pavledes over $140,000. 

Shea contends these payment were for favor in his Cobo Contracts from before Kilpatrick, started in the Archer Administration and continued into the Kilpatrick Administration.  Kado was facing very serous charges and had to cooperate with the government.  You didn't want to go to prison, did you?

Kado: I wanted to cooperate with the government because I wanted to cooperate with the government.

Shea: you met with the government some 12 to 15 times.  You were charged with only one tax count, correct?  Kado: Yes.  Shea: the government said they would give you leniency.  If you don't cooperate they can file additional charges.

The judge calls it for today, she reminds the jury not to talk about the case or watch or read anything related to this case.  Back tomorrow @ 9am.