8:50AM Kwame and Bernard Kilpatrick and their lawyers are first in the courtroom this morning. Father and son chat quietly at the table.

As Bobby Ferguson filters in with minutes to go before session is due to start, Kwame puts his head down on the table and clasps his hands in prayer. He stays that way for several minutes.

9:03AM Judge Nancy Edmunds enters the courtroom.

9:05AM Jurors come in.

9:06AM Mark Chutkow for government calls Christopher Boettcher as witness. President of Airtec. Been with the company for 26 years. In 2001, met Bobby Ferguson once. He came through to pick up supplies.

One of the salesmen had picked up blueprints for project with Bobby. Provided materials to Ferguson Enterprises on Wyoming.

Exhibit SG 26. Outside picture of Ferguson Enterprises. Looked to be a renovation of existing offices.

Boettcher stopped by the project once to adjust the lockset.

SG 34 A- invoice from Airtec to Ferguson Enterprises. Describes sliding commercial doors, lock set, hinges. Describes 16 or 17 doors.

SG 34 B- also an invoice for more doors, hardware, kick plates, hinges.

SG 34C- also an invoice for additional door closures, hinges.

SG 34D- also an invoice for laminated glass for door frames.

All these products are commercial. Not residential. commercial grade, much more expensive than residential items.

Witness provided invoices to government. Provided them from the  computer systems. "I pressed print and they came out."

Computer ties all accounting together. Everything is interconnected and prints off of that. It's the only way to process an order from start to finish in the company.

They keep paper records for 7 years. So no paper records for the invoice.

The government admits the exhibits.

Chutkow hands documents to the witness. It is from Detroit 3D- residential, training center description.

SG 17- paragraph 13: Header says "Airtec", it's an invoice 44343. Not produced by Airtec.

SG 34C put up to compare headers. The lower invoice is Airtec. Witness can tell by letter head and template. On actual invoice, it says to Bobby Ferguson. On the non-Airtec, customer is Detroit 3D.

On actual invoice, the lower one, customer job is "new office".

SG 17-8- invoice 43571. Witness has never seen this document. Again, though it says Airtec, witness claims it is not.

SG 34 A1- the actual invoice. Customer name is Ferguson Enterprises. On the non-invoice, it says Detroit 3D.

SG 17-11- invoice 43572- juxtaposed with SG 34B on the bottom- both appear to have the same invoice number. But on the actual Airtec invoice again says Bobby Ferguson. On top invoice, which had been submitted to state, Detroit 3D.

Invoice 44923- again duplicate invoices. Same different customer identifiers.