Witness does not recognize Detroit 3D. Does not remember ever doing business with them.

A check for $10,000 to Airtec on the overhead. From Detroit 3D to Airtec. Signed by Marilyn Johnson. Witness does not recall Marilyn Johnson.

Witness looking at picture of a house. Witness never did work at Meier St. Never did any dormitory housing style. Witness says maybe some door frames might have been wide enough for wheel chairs.

Looking at another submission to the state. Witness never authorized the payments sent to the state. Witness would not have given permission to submit invoices that are not actually Airtec Corp.

No further questions.

9:26AM Susan Van Dusen, lawyer for Bobby Ferguson, cross examines witness.

Van Dusen says your company did more work than reflected on those invoices. Did work reflected by 17 invoices. Witness visited by FBI on June 18th this year. As a result, generated a document with schedule of invoices.

Exhibit D SG 14 introduced into evidence- schedule of invoices. Shows 17 different invoices. Total is $19,053.06.

We saw 4 invoices here today. After that, 5 more were generated. Out of this amount, $10,000 paid by the Detroit 3D. Assumption that the balance was paid by an entity other than 3D. Witness doesn't have the records.

On 3 of invoices, James Wilson was the salesman. He has since passed away. Correct to assume salesman prepared the invoice? No says witness, administrative support staff. Info comes from the computer. Salesman puts info in the computer at the time he estimates the project.

So Van Dusen, the salesman is the source of this info. Can't even go to Mr. Wilson for his recollection of 2001 says Van Dusen. Yes says Witness.

SG 17 on the overhead. Witness pulls documents out of the folder. The description of work on invoices- highly technical- is exactly the same. That is the case on all of the invoices.

Witness visited Wyoming address twice. Once for this project and once for another project in 2005.

Saw that it was a large building -- about 8,000 squarer feet -- says Van Dusen. There would be many doors, many different areas that would call for type of supplies put in there. Witness can't remember exact quantity of doors provided. The 17 doors would go to many different areas of building. Building was under construction when he visited- witness couldn't know if there was a training area says Van Dusen.

Van Dusen says it was not quite a finished product. Witness says construction was almost complete. Witness saw many rooms, including conference rooms, no names on door.

9:42AM Chutkow redirects. Asks witness to look at invoice for 17 doors.

Witness says the doors were dispersed throughout the office building.

Looking again at SG 17- witness never saw that letter head in 26 years at company.

Chutkow asks if there would be any reason for Mr. Wilson to falsify invoice.

Van Dusen objects. Judge sustain.

9:44AM Van Dusen redirects.

Witness says there were at least 17 different openings on invoice. Van Dusen says there would be at least 17 different areas in a building where door could be shut. Correct says witness.

9:45AM Chutkow for government calls Bob Murray to the stand. Witness works with Contract Design Group. President. Company located in Royal Oak. Interior contractor for commercial and residential. Joint contracts with Detroit Interiors.

Provide and install services. In 2001, did work for Ferguson Enterprises. Had been associated for many years with Bobby Ferguson. Ferguson was excavator on several projects in Detroit.

Ferguson liked the look of a certain office , White Construction, and wanted a similar look for his office. Witness's company did flooring, wall, furniture and some architectural design. Ferguson wanted to replicate.