Witness says Ferguson was renovating new office space. Ultimately, installed multiple products for him.

They met dozens of times. Ferguson happy with witness's plans.

SG 26 on overhead- the exterior of Ferguson Enterprises. Witness thinks location is Military. The picture is actually of Wyoming address. Witness says this is not office location where renovation occurred. Initially went to this business, witness thinks it was his father's business.

Witness says he first went to that address to get some input from Ferguson on parking spaces.

Witness eventually went to new offices. A little work was being done, electricians, plumbers just starting work. Ferguson didn't want to get too far ahead without foot print for lay out of offices.

Chutkow shows witness SG 24A. Witness flips through documents. He recognizes an estimate proposal given to Bobby Ferguson- dated June 13, 2001. From Contract Design Group.

Witness looks at SG 24B. Layout of new offices. Purpose of diagram: a space plan which identifies where the different functions of an office are.

Diagram is put on overhead. Witness points to area - LOBBY-on the diagram with an indicator pen. Witness company provided partition, furniture, insert carpet, wall covering, upholstered chairs, table.

Now on to CONFERENCE room. Marble, wall covering, credenza, wood conference room table, carpet insert, chairs all provided by witness. Ferguson asked for the materials.

Another room: hardwood floor, insert carpeting, marble, spiral metal staircase, credenza. Upper loft to the President's office. Witness provided components for staircase.

Witness looks at picture of President's office after installation- Exhibit SG 27. Has full wood detailed wall unit, desk, desk chair. There is a little loft area at top of spiral staircase: that area was going to be a little meeting area, midway through installment it became "chilling pad", place where friends could come hang out, bought a television screen.

Witness flips through more documents. It's an invoice for services to Ferguson enterprises.

Chutkow shows him SG 25B and asks if he recognizes it. Witness looks carefully, flips pages. Says yes I do. The front copy is an accounting of payments showing total payments received, breaks down by check number. Payments came to Contract Design Group from Bobby Ferguson.

Going back to SG 25 A, actual invoice for services. Total invoice for project- $71,500 which is consistent with proposal.. Of that, there was initial deposit of $37,000.

Exhibits admitted into evidence.

Witness looks at SG 24 C. Tells the jury it's a sub-contract agreement, and partial waiver of lien and sub-contractor guarantee. Witness describes scope of work as floor covering, furniture in June 2001. Additionally, marble molding, conference room, railings, foyer, President's office, installation of materials. Witness says this seems to be a scope prepared by contractor Bobby Ferguson, paraphrase of what came from Contract Design Group.

There was also vinyl composition tile, 12 X 12, in janitorial and service wall bases.

Chutkow shows witness SG 17. Exhibit on the overhead- submission to the state describing training center. Witness does not remember doing training center work for Detroit 3D. Or training center work for Bobby Ferguson.

On overhead SG 17-26. Description of scope of work: provide floor prep for installation of materials, provide work station partitions, provide seating in training area.

Doesn't talk about marble for foyer, Presidential office or spiral staircase.

Comparison of 2 subcontracts- one submitted to the state and the other from witness's partner- they have the same job number. And both total $71,500. Witness only did one project with Ferguson Enterprises totaling $71,500.

Witness not copied on submission to the state. Does not remember doing work for Detroit 3D. Does not remember doing any work on training area.

Chutkow asks if he authorized submission to the state on training center. No says Murray.

Chutkow asks if he remembers anything consistent with training center. No sir says Murray.

Anything consistent with dorm housing. No says witness.