All witness can say is that there is a fax stamp on top. without speculating can't say why it would be that way.

Van Dusen says on its face this government document is inconsistent. Yes says witness.

Van Dusen says you have no explanation for this inconsistency. Witness says I have no explanation why it would have multiple dates.

Judge Edmunds interrupts Van Dusen and says we should a break.

5 minute break: One the female jurors kept falling asleep. She nodded off every ten minutes. This is the same juror who has had problems staying awake on previous occasions. Judge Edmunds kept glancing over at her and finally called a break

11:16AM A Smiling Bernard passes a note to Bobby while they wait for court start up again.

11:17AM Judge Edmunds calls for a sidebar before jurors file back in. Wonder if she's telling them to step it up a bit to keep that juror from nodding off.

Bernard walks over to stand closer to Kwame and Bobby who are laughing together. Kwame, in a black jacket and grey pants, sways back and forth and gestures emphatically as he talks to Bobby, who is clad in all black.

The mystery at sidebar continues.

11:22AM Sidebar ends.

11:23 AM Susan Van Dusen for Bobby Ferguson continues her cross examination of Bob Murray of Contract Design Group.

Van Dusen puts up SG 17-26 on overhead. Also called a subcontract. Dated May 1st 2001. Looks at last lines talking about floor materials, work station partitions. Your company does that? Correct says Murray.

And seating for training area, your company provide that? Yes says witness.

Looks at SG 17-39- subcontract signed by Mr. Leethel Neal of Detroit Interiors and says Contract Design Group on top. Mr. Neal is President of Detroit Interiors. The contractor portion is signed by Marilyn Johnson of Detroit 3D.

Van Dusen says does that look like Mr. Neal's signature? Yes says witness.

Was this prepared by Mr. Neal asks Van Dusen? Ferguson says the witness.

Does Mr. Neal participate in the writing of this contract? Incorrect says witness. contract generated for record-keeping purposes.

Mr. Neal signed on behalf of his and the witness's company? Yes says witness.

"I don't know his intent" says Murray about Mr. Neal's signing of the document.

Floor plan on the overhead. Van Dusen asks after this plan was drawn up, in conjunction with estimate of May 2001, isn't it true that the big open space got filled in? No says the witness, it's not true.

Murray says it was a loading area- the mechanical located there for the building.

Van Dusen says isn't it true that you don't know what happened with that area? Murray says can you re-phrase, when I left it was a raw area, at that point I don't know what he did with it.

Isn't it true that the open office area was moved to that area asks Van Dusen? Not by me says Murray.

You couldn't tell us what happened in that space? Yes says witness.

11:35AM Chutkow redirects.