Duplex is 2 bedrooms.

Chutkow asks did it look like training center, dorm housing, modified bathrooms, ramp for wheelchair? No says witness.

Do you know who you bought the house from? Witness says from 3 dimensional. Never actually met the seller

11:58AM Susan Van Dusen cross examines.

You never went in before you bought it? No says witness.

You bought it for $50,000 in 2005? Sounds about right says witness.

Van Dusen says you didn't have someone come to you and ask to sell? You made the inquiry? Right says witness.

Van Dusen says seller never came to you. If you didn't pursue it did you? No says witness.

No redirect.

Witness steps down.

12:01PM IRS agent Ron Sauer recalled. Judge explains that government has asked for witnesses to come back for different chapters of trial.

Chutkow asks if Sauer has been here for testimony of 3D? I have says Sauer.

Sauer reads residential costs for $25,001.

Sauer looks at Merrill Lynch for purchase of property on Meyers for $24,313.24 in 2001.

July 29th, 2005 warranty deed for property. Purchase price is $50,000 by Martin and Angelina Jolly. There is no Marilyn Johnson on document but there is a Marilyn Ferguson.

Going back to Detroit 3D document. Authorized signatory is Marilyn Johnson.

Sauer believes that Marilyn Johnson and Ferguson are one and the same.

Exhibit SG 36A- $42,567.17 check to Detroit 3D July 29th 2005. Deposited to Ferguson Enterprises account at First Independence Bank.

Exhibit 36A- the check from Great Lakes of Michigan to Detroit 3D. Then shows a deposit slip into the Ferguson Enterprises account.

A cashed check out of the Ferguson account for the same amount of $42,567.17 to CASH. Used to purchase a cashier's check for that same amount.

Check was not delivered to the state of Michigan. Ultimately cashed at a Frontier's bank.

Cashier's check endorsed by Bobby Ferguson and Andy (???) Ferguson.

12:11PM Van Dusen redirects.

Sale of Meyers property occurred in July 2005.

Van Dusen says you know that the state terminated relationship with Detroit 3D in 2002? Yes says Sauer.