No evidence on travel expenditures from those accounts? I don't have that knowledge.

No evidence of hotel expenses, meals? I don't have any knowledge of that.

Shea ends.

10:57AM Thomas cross examines.

This case not about Beatty affair? No it's not.

Nothing illegal about having affair? No it's not.

Christine Beatty had a job? Yes she was Kwame's Chief of Staff.

As Chief of Staff could have traveled with him for business purposes? Could have.

Beatty was on Civic Fund? Yes she was. She signed checks.

Looking at document that Thomas has on overhead. Lists Beatty as Treasurer on Kilpatrick Civic Fund.

Thomas says it's a government file? Correct.

Dated June 2nd 1998, postmarked received June 9th 1998.

You determination that Beatty signed checks? She signed a large number of checks.

Almost exclusively she was signatory with other person? Correct.

We had seen checks post 2002 that had Kwame's signature? Refresh my memory.

Were you aware that Kwame was not director post mid-year 2002?

Is there any explanation why his signature would appear? You'll have to help me out.

Did you consider that he might have pre signed checks? That's a possibility.

Can you consider the fact that he might have signed large number of checks? That's a possibility.

D KCF 2- dated July 19th 2002. Thomas cross examined regarding document. Signed by William Phillips. Document lists people responsible for Civic Fund and Kwame not listed anywhere. No longer had an official title at that point.

D KCF 4- Articles that list purposes of the Civic Fund: a. to promote community activities that enhance neighborhoods as well as activities that contribute to the betterment of the the lives of youths of Detroit and surrounding activities.

Sauer says he would go back to purposes of Civic Fund on form 990. Sauer says he looked at articles of incorporation since early in the investigation.

Looking at communication between Beatty and Kwame on January 23rd 2002.

Thomas asks who initiated this contact? Beatty says Sauer.

Thomas says both Beatty and Kwame officers at Civic fund at this point? Yes.