Communication about something to do with Civic Fund? Yes.

It appears that Beatty was at work at 11:55pm? Yes.

It appears that she had a job other than having an affair with Kwame? Yes.

Looking at KCF 41- check to NYU paying for a student who is identified as Diarra Kilpatrick. Apparently this is generated to see a check of $2,500 applied to significant tuition. Correct says Sauer.

Thomas says it's your position that it was a Civic Fund check that paid that $2,500? Yes.

In your review of the articles of incorporation was there a prohibition on anyone with the same last name for the proposes of education? No.

Looking at articles of incorporation again: "to operate act for charitable and educational purpose." e. " to receive and administer assets for charitable, educational and religious purposes."

Would you consider scholarships a charitable donation? Yes.

Looking at Tennessee State tuition- nothing that prohibited Evans from getting scholarship for educational purposes? Correct.

Did you receive some people who got money from Civic Fund? Yes.


Big Brothers and Big Sister? Don't have a recollection.

March of Dimes? Doesn't ring a bell.

Witness says I don't recall seeing these entities but if you gave me a check that would refresh my memory.

Thomas says if I told you Civic Fund had $3million and gave almost $400,000 to charitable organizations? That wouldn't surprise me.

Tuition for going to college an educational purpose? Yes it is.

KCF 13 A- Thomas switching gears to text messages.

Who is asking who question? Beatty to Kwame.

Ayanna apparently going to receive $2,000? Correct.

Now looking at February 14th 2002 check- is this it? Appears to be the check that was written.

Written to Ayanna? Correct.

In February 2002, would have been just after election, if someone had worked on the "Get Out The Vote", could they be paid? i believe that's possible.

Did you investigate what the $1,500 was for? There were no documents that supported the "Get Out the Vote Contention."

Did you talk to Ayanna? I did not.

Looking at KCF 18: November 7th 2002. Thomas says your investigation led you to see if Kwame had benefitted and thus there might be a tax violation? Not exactly. appeared to be of a personal nature.