KCF 18 shows it was negotiated by Sonnenalp Resort. It was in Vail, CO about an hour from Denver.

Did you ever go out there? No I did not.

When traveling for Civic Fund no one says you have to stay at Holiday Inn? I believe it was for a spa package.

Thomas refers to spa picture and this is in November of 2002, right? The travel? Correct in November of 2002.

You got record? That's correct.

And it's from the record that you got that he was going for a spa? Looking at records and text messages.

Do you know if there was any other purpose for going to resort other than being with Beatty? I don't know of another reason.

Witness says he looked at records, texts and calendars. Witness says you might put business trip if you were trying to disguise trip with lover.

Looking at KCF 20- Sonnenalp receipt.

Thomas says there is no difference in rate if people share a room? There was a spa package says witness.

You think because it's spa package it couldn't be for business? It impacts rate of the room.

Do you see anything there that might prevent being paid for by Civic Fund? Yes there is one the second page.

Series of expenses charged to the room? Correct.

Does that total up to $147? I'll take your word on it.

Witness says the check did not cover full amount of the bill and there was a cash payment.

Thomas says there may have been a credit card payment for the bill? Yes there may have been.

And there was a cash payment that covered numerically for the spa? Yes.

If there was a business purpose to my trip it would be reimbursable? It depends if you're misusing Civic Fund monies.

Did you consider that there might have been purposes for Kwame going other than having affair? could have been.

Where there any business meetings?

If the National Council of Mayors was meeting that weekend in Denver would that not have interested Kwame? I have no knowledge of those meetings.

Did you pull receipt of car leased to see if enough mileage between Denver and Vail? Did not pull records.

Don't you think Kwame would have valid reason to promote image as mayor? I don't understand the question.

Suffice it to say that the only purpose you see for Kwame is "for a rubdown?" Not my word says Kwame.

$5,000 check on June 6th 2002 to A Step ahead? Correct.