You don't know who he spoke to and if he spoke to anyone? I don't know who he spoke to and if he spoke to anyone.

KCF 22- Shows he was there from August 12 to the 19th? Yes.

There was a check payment for $4,976.71 that is not amount of $8,605.03? Yes.

Witness says they are splitting check between 2 rooms.

Apparent that Kwame and Carlita staying in a suite? Yes.

Witness says some hotels charge fees for additional guests.

So $625 standard rate for high end hotel? That is not where I'd be staying says witness.

It's a very, very high end resort isn't it? Yes.

I could write it off for business? Depends says witness.

Payment for $1,208 on a credit card? Yes says witness.

Do you think Carlita has any role in fundraising for Civic fund? Don't know.

Would you agree that you are going to be raising money on a national scale, that meeting someone where they live would be appropriate? I don't know of Kwame meeting anyone at LaCosta.

You don't have any phone records to see who he met with? No.

Phone records requested? Not sure if they are requested or not.

It wasn't important for you to do anymore investigation, you already had him? That's not the way I look at it says witness.

Thomas ends.

11:51AM Gerald Evelyn for Bobby Ferguson cross examines.

Travel documents to New Orleans. You are just looking at coupon and ticket and assuming what happened? Correct.

Your agency got a bunch of records from my client? I'm aware records were taken.

How long have you been with investigation? Since 2006.

Have you received any confirmation that Bobby was in New Orleans on those dates? No.

Have you reviewed texts, credit cards, phone, car rentals? Haven't reviewed those records.

Witness says he has very little role on Bobby side of investigation.

11:54AM Bullotta redirects.

Did you come across anything indicating of fundraising at La Costa? Not aware of any fund-raising at LaCosta Spa.