You were asked about payments including $1,208, was that on First Independence Credit Card? Yes.

Witness says it's same credit card that $282,00 in cash was paid on.

Do you have an exact recollections of what donations were made? Would it help to look at spreadsheet? Yes it would

Witness looks at it and says it refreshes memory. Gave Big Brothers $500.

What did Civic Fund  give March of Dimes? Witness looks at spreadsheet. It appears to be $200 in 2003.

How much was bill for La Costa Resort on Civic Fund? $8,605.03.

11:58AM Thomas redirects.

List of payees came from document you put together? Correct.

Do you remember a check in the amount of $500 to Spain School Board? Don't remember.

Michigan Crossover team do you remember that? Don't have a specific recollection.

Pershing High School? Remember that? No.

New Providence church? Good News Bible Church? If it's on the spreadsheet.

$5,000 to Black Slate? I do remember a check to the Black Slate.

Thomas lists numerous churches.

Judge interrupts. This is not proper use. Can't use the document that way. Admit it into evidence and use it substantively.

If I can't explore what he knows and doesn't know says Thomas. Judge says that is not an appropriate use. Can't do it that way.

Thomas concedes and questioning of witness ends. Sauer is excused.

Judge calls for a 5 minute "comfort break."

12:15PM Thomas and Kwame sharing a snack during the break.

12:17PM Judge re-enters courtroom and court back in session.

Government calling a new witness. Bullotta passes a sheet to Thomas.

Calling Matt Allen. Went to Michigan State for BA. Worked for a small period of time as private investigator. To pay for college was in the Army for 14 years, Military Police Corp. Stationed at Fort Bragg. Got into broadcasting in 1998, worked for WWJ and then Fox 2 News where he worked ultimately as chief Assignment Editor. Ended in July 2006 when he went to work for Mayor Kilpatrick as press Secretary. In 2005, during primary process, helped organize primary debate and got to know people working on campaign. Had had phone conversations with Kwame when he was in state legislature. Overture made in February 2006 for a job in the mayor's office.

Mayor knew that witness was hometown guy and lived in the city of Detroit with wife and step-son. Mayor had said he really wanted his administration to be from Detroit. Started in July 10th 2006.

What did you do as press secretary? Helped facilitate info with media. Answering Freedom of Information Acts from media. Clarifying media questions.

So media would make FOIA requests? Yes.