Sometimes requests would come directly to mayor's office but all would eventually go to the law department.

In the  spring of 2007 were you aware of FOIA by Steve Wilson? Yes. An investigative reporter for channel 7. He wanted city issued credit card records for the former mayor that included August of 2006.

What was Wilson looking into? He wanted to know if charges were made to a resort in California on city issued card.

The La Costa? Yes.

Witness says he went to Chief of Staff.

Did you tell mayor? Yes. What I learned from conversation that the city issued card was used to reserve room and then put charges on his personal credit card says witness.

What was your explanation going to be after talking to mayor? That the city issue credit card was not used and that mayor paid for family vacation on personal credit card.

Did mayor ever mention Civic Fund? No.

Did you talk to Wilson? I told Wilson that when I gave him documents.

Wilson asks witness several times how mayor paid for family. Witness told him that the mayor paid for it personally.

But he kept asking you? Many times yes.

At some point were you interviewed by Channel 7? Not live. Another reporter was hanging out by building and witness went outside by city county building to see her.

Witness says reported called producer from live truck. Asked me "Did mayor pay for trip?" And witness say yes.

Witness says he saw himself on tv news that night.

Bullotta plays video- witness says on video "For the family trip, the mayor paid for the family trip."

Witness says for the family portion of the trip, I told reporter that he had paid for it.

Witness says there was a TV piece later that had a fax of a check to the LaCosta Spa for $8,605.03.

Was that the first time you saw that check? Yes.

How did you feel? "Well I kind of felt like I had my pants down."

Witness says Beatty and Kwame angrily and wondered where check was from.

Witness says he called Channel 7 and he was mad that he hadn't been told everything. "For me, I wanted to get to the bottom of things." Witness felt he had done everything to be transparent and got "stung."

Witness says what was explained to him that trip was paid for by Civic Fund because mayor was there to do fund-raising.

Was this after the report? Yes it was.

Witness says mayor was there for vacation and fund-raising for Civic Fund.

Was that you had heard of fund-raising? Yes.