Witness says that the TV news station had used a fax forwarding agency to get the fax of the check. It came through his attention, that the mayor had called and requested a copy of his bill.

What were you trying to do? I was trying to get to the bottom of it. Inquiries were made at the hotel and it was determined that someone had posed as the media. Witness proposed pushing back at the media for its crappy shots. "We kept score. It was our chance to get back at media for dirty play."

Witness says so they asked for an investigation to be done on Steve Wilson. Police interviewed mayor and Wilson and Wilson did not come off well. Witness thought that it was a good opportunity to show the rest of the media.

Kwame filed police report.

Witness says that when everything came together, they decided to have a press conference "to basically pull Steve Wilson's pants down in public."

At any point did you ask for donors from California to say something?

Thomas objects.

Witness said that in brain-storming session he proposed getting donors that met with you for Civic Fund.

What did the mayor think? "He didn't like that idea."

Do you know William Phillips? Yes.

Was he at press conference? Yes to answer questions about Civic Fund.

"It was bitter-sweet because we got a dig in but it didn't make the media go away," says Allen.

Nothing ever came of police filing. No one was ever charged.

Looking at exhibit EB 7- pictures of mayor's office. EB 8- picture of Iris's desk.

Picture of "barber shop room".

Looking at EB 10- recognize room? Witness says it's the interior of the barber shop room.

EB 7A? Witness says it's the barber chair.

Who did you see mayor meet with? Any number of people.

Did you ever see private meetings with Bobby? Yes.

And Bernard Kilpatrick? Yes.

During 2006-2008, was there brochure made of accomplishments of administration? Yes.

Who oversaw that? Chief of Staff, Christine Beatty.

Witness says brochure made as give away for Mayor's State of the City Address.

Government questioning ends. Thomas says he has lengthy questioning for the witness so Judge Edmunds adjourns court and says session will resume tomorrow.

Kwame definitely looked agitated during questioning. Word from the courtroom is that juror body language was very strong today. While defense examined, one juror crossed her arms over her chest and cocked her head to the side and one male juror actually smirked.