$3,805,000 is the total cost of the 5 contracts.

Letter from DLZ on March 15th 2004 to Awni Qaqish. Letter discusses recommendation for contractors under CM 2012 contracts. Ranks 10 bidders from lowest to highest. Ferguson Enterprises ranked #9 and Hayes Excavating #8. They had higher total prices than other bidders except for one.

Ferguson Enterprises was 45.7% above the lowest bidder.

A memo from DLZ to witness about a meeting with Ferguson Enterprises and Hayes Excavating in 2004. In general document discusses meetings with Ferguson enterprises and Hayes Excavating. Indicated that Ferguson had not signed a document yet.

Awni Qaqish with DWSD memo to Victor Mercado discussing contract CM 2012 on March 18th 2004. The recommendation is that out of the 10 bids received is to award contracts to the lowest 3 bidders and reject the other bidders. Mercado accepted this recommendation. The lowest bidders were Posen Construction, L. D'Agostini and Lanzo.

Letter of intent to award contract WS-651 March 24th 2004- letter of intent authorizing contractor to start work. Sent from Victor Mercado to Bobby Ferguson.

Response letter to city council on August 10th 2004- document is from Mercado to city council. Subject line" "Contracts and overtime".

List from July 2003 to July 2004- table of emergency contracts. Hayes Excavating for first 2, the next 2 were for Ferguson Enterprises- amount $821,475 for 650 and $720,195 for 651.

There were change orders for contracts WS 650 and 651- October 15th 2004- Document from DLZ to Victor Mercado. They were requesting a change order to Ferguson Enterprises on contract 650 for $1,264,600. The current price was $821,475. The change was for additional work to be performed. Not unusual to have a change order on contracts.

Another memo to Mercado from DLZ on October 15th 2004- this is change order for 651- change order was for $463,475.00. 2nd change order was for more than $300,00. Current price listed $1,183,670.

Document to city council on approval of change orders from DWSD- Document is signed by Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. Authorization for change orders not to exceed $6,058,133.56.

Evelyn calls for sidebar. Judge calls for break.

Ironically, Mercado was just seen purchasing water at the shop on the 1st floor.

11:11AM Judge Edmunds tells everyone to be seated. Tells jurors they'll have more chances to look at exhibits.

11:14AM Blackwell promises to slow down going through all the documents. The three lowest bidders again: Posen Construction, L D'Agostini and sons, Lanzo Construction. Glock Wrecking Company and Willi McCormick and Associates are #4 and #5 lowest bidders.

WS-642 Contract went to Hayes Excavating as did WS 649. WS 650 and 651 went to Ferguson Enterprises. Glo wrecking company did not get a contract and are a minority owned business. There were other companies that did not get a contract from initial bidding list.

Document on analysis of payments to Ferguson Enterprises on WS-650. Prepared by WSWD accounting department. The contract summary: original CPO (Contract Purchase Order) amount $821,475. Current CPO amount includes $3,115,007.10, massive change from original amount.

On WS-651- document shows all the payments made to Ferguson enterprises on WS 651. Shows the original CPO amount $720,195. Current amount $1,729,240.

Witness says awarding to lowest bidders is usually done to save DWSD money.

Contract CM 2014- had sibling contract 2015. Split into 2 contracts. Advertised for bid in 2005 or 2006. RFP was used to score the contract bids with the weights. About 8 to 10 companies submitted bids. Detroit contracting Inc, Lakeshore Engineering, Inland Waters, Superior Engineering amongst those who submitted bids.

Letter from Detroit Project Management Team dated March 23rd 2006- submitting proposal to Mr. Latimer, direct supervisor of witness. Joint group between Detroit Contracting and Excel Construction service, owned by Mr. Wodehouse and Ferguson.

A page on local Economic Development- lists team members. First 2 are prime contractors, the rest are sub-contractors. Ferguson Enterprises listed as sub-contractor- Detroit Headquartered Business and Detroit-Based Business. Ferguson Enterprises gets 33.21% of total contract amount. Ferguson Enterprises had largest DBB and DHB percentage of contract.

Witness's document on scoring of CM 2014- in the chart, across the top, was the names of some of the proposers: EBI Superior Engineering, Lakeshore, and Detroit Program Management. There were 4 evaluators for each company/proposer. The far left hand column is RFP criteria: ability to do work, staff experience, work plan, local and economic development (35% weighting) and cost.

11:36AM After witness received proposals, sent them to evaluation team for scoring. Data from that input into this sheet. 1st column is total score and ranking: 1. Superior Engineering, 2. EBI, 3. Detroit Program Management, 4. Lawbridge Joint Venture, 5. Lakeshore, 6. Inland.

Summary scoring sheet for CM 2015- Vision Consultant, EBI, Lakeshore, inland, Detroit Program Management Joint Venture some of companies mentioned. Total score and ranking: EBI #2, Superor #1, Lakeshore #5, Inland #6, Detroit Program and Management ranked #3. Once scored, those were given to supervisor Latimer. Superior was ranked #1.