So this is the justification for it. So it would have been preferred to have a new contract? Well. We never know when bids come in if they will be higher or lower.

So change orders initiated by engineering? Yes field engineering.

So engineering thought it was better to extend project than rebid it? For whatever reason that is correct.

Rebidding process could have taken another 6 months? Yes that is possible.

Beside Mr. Adams signature we see Mr. Latimer's, someone from Budget Office? Yes.

So change orders have to be approved by multiple people? This particular one, yes.

Engineers have to sign on things before you issue checks? Correct.

On these change orders, multiple people had to sign off one this? Absolutely.

Looking at previous change order increasing contract amount by $15 million (this one looks like it was signed by Mercado). This again is for another 9 miles of pipe? Correct.

Witness reads "It is beneficial to have contract finished by contract manager". So basically it says that the construction manager finished last project well so beneficial to let them extend it.

Looking at second change order for $5 million (also signed by Mercado). Details additional work to be done that engineer says is needed, installation of service leads.

Minock says it is right to summarize that the service leads were to be installed in anticipation of a development? Correct.

Witness reads from document. Minock says they encountered something unexpected? Yes.

Looking at $6 million change order on CM-2014- to add just under 4 miles of additional water mains? Yes.

Witness reads about an another unexpected change found when excavating.

Now looking an order by special administrator on approval of change orders. Authorized clearly by Victor Mercado. about changes to contracts 650 and 651 held by Ferguson, but there were also change orders for five other contractors for even more than one change order under the umbrella contract? Right.

Now looking at memo from DLZ to DWSD explaining justification for change order. "The original price submitted by Ferguson Enterprises was" more than $1 million. Resulted in a savings of close to $400,000.

Could DLZ come out a contractor and say your competitors are offering to do it for less per square foot, are you willing to do it for less? That could happen.

Engineering department is explaining why they want to make a change to initial contract. Involves 3,000 feet of water main on Cass Ave? Yes.

Witness reads that it would also involve replacement of hydrants. Change is based on lump some price.

Contract 2012 was important to do as emergency contract with Super Bowl and All Star games coming up? correct.

That's why it was done by special administrator rather than RFP? Right.

It saves time? Yes it saves time.

Lists subcontracts by location- WS 650 on Washington Blvd and WS 651 Broadway Ave (Ferguson contracts) WS 642 on Woodward Ave and Ws 649 on Grand River Ave.

Witness says all contractors bid on same items. Then they were selected for specific contracts.