John Minock makes sure he looks at the jurors dead-on when asking his questions.

Minock says on some areas it would involve more work like digging up trolley tracks? Yes that was the case on Broadway.

Witness says the best contractors who could do the best work fastest were ones given change orders.

9:43AM Witness talks about test/pilot project with DLZ. after that project, they had 2 contractors working with them.

So basically the pilot was a dry run for what became CM 2012? That is correct.

Going back to 2014 and 2015 on how bids were scored. Originally lowest bid was $12 million and higest bid was $18 million- 50% difference, that's high right? Yes.

So your boss said to you we can't trust bids on the fringes? Right.

"Since there is such a large disparity of proposals in this case" reads the witness. Goes on to read that it might be low-balling that would require large amount of change orders.

Did you draft this for Latimer? Yes.

9:49AM Minock references a lawsuit in 1977.

Look at document that appoints first special administrator, Coleman A. Young. Document says special administrator full power over the water department without having to go to city council. Administered by Judge John Feikens.

Archer and Kilpatrick each in turn appointed special administrators? Yes.

Another order continuing special administrator powers for Archer? Yes.

This special administratorship was issued because waste was being discharged into the waters so the EPA helped set this up.

This order restates history of special administratorship and the powers. The order says the special administrator has full power to control water system and anything related to it? Yes.

Then look at motion to replace special administrator- Judge Feikens finds that things have improved so much at water department that special administartor no longer needed. January 5th 2006.

Minock says that during Mercado's tenure they didn't violate the waste water discharge permit? True.

The dissolution of special administratorship was during struggle of possible take over of Water Department? Yes.

Governor Engler wanted to take it over? Yes.

So for many years there were behind the scenes negotiations to change the structure? Yes.

Minock says that the mayor was empowered to award contracts without Water Board or City Council? Yes.

Mayor could have delayed decisions on contracts or cancel for any reason? Yes.

But the mayors kept things intact and kept Water Board involved even when they didn't have to? Yes.

Mercado took office in June 2002? Yes.

After nationwide search? Correct.