And the search firm said that a qualified candidate had to be paid $200,000 to $240,000? At least.

Mercado made changes over period of time? Correct.

Mercado's background as water engineer? Yes.

Before them there were lawyers and politicians? Yes.

After Mercado, Anthony Adams had been deputy mayor? Correct.

Before Mercado came, the engineering department had say in how department was run? Yes.

Some of those engineers had favorites? Yes.

Some of those relationships were too close? Yes.

And sometimes contractors knew who was getting contracts before RFPS came out? Correct.

There were lots of rumors, misimpressions and mistaken beliefs? Absolutely.

Before Mercado came evaluators would meet and discuss things like a jury would? Yes.

Before Mercado, department had favorites? Yes.

Certain types of contracts renewable? Yes.

After a while certain contractors developed attitude that certain contracts belonged to them.

Blackwell objects. Judge sustains.

Mercado significantly decreased authority of engineering department? Yes.

And some people resented that? Yes.

He made changes to the way the evaluation process operated? Yes.

Mercado also enforced policies that had largely been ignored? Yes.

Fired people for drug or alcohol abuse? Yes.

He trimmed staff? Yes.

He made people tow the line? Correct.

Mercado followed recommendations for reorganization? Yes.

Mercado kept IMG on? Yes.

Did you deal with them? Yes. For years.