While Mercado was director? Yes.

So you have outside organization helping Judge Feikens with oversight? Yes.

Largely instigated by Mercado? Yes.

10:12AM After Mercado arrived people had to work harder? Yes.

Was Mercado a good boss to work with? Absolutely. He was a good boss to work for. I never had a problem with Victor.

Minock finishes his very lengthy, detailed cross-examination. Judge Edmunds says this is a good place to stop and break for 20 minutes.

Expect that one of Bobby Ferguson's will take up cross after the break. Praying it's not nearly as long.

10:23AM Seems that the sick jurors are feeling better today. The young brunette juror who had hot flashes yesterday was busy this morning was seen eating Hershey kisses. 

John Minock did a good albeit somewhat plodding job painting Mercado as a very capable and efficient administrator who cleaned up a disorganized DWSD. Just really hoping that the rest of defense team has heard enough from this witness. Ready for Daniel Edwards to step down from the stand.

10:35AM Back at the defendants table. Dark suits prevail again. Kwame Kilpatrick is in black suit and Bobby Ferguson is wearing charcoal with a black tie. Bernard Kilpatrick is in a beige suit with gold tie and matching pocket handkerchief. Ferguson defense lawyer Susan Van Dusen pops in a bright white sweater.

Judge enters courtroom and says that next Tuesday court will start at 9:45AM.

10:38AM Jim Thomas, Kwame's lawyer, cross-examines Edwards.

Thomas says you started with DWSD when? In 1987.

In 1987 was Judge Feikens involved? Yes.

This is one of the judges with the longest tenure in the country? Yes.

Did you interact with Judge Feikens? On a number of occasions yes.

Did you find him capable? Yes.

Witness talks about time when Oakland County executives wanted to take over DWSD because of perceived mismanagement.

Judge Feikens discussed special administrator under Kilpatrick's tenure? Yes.

Witness describes long term compliance- water department works under an EPA permit. there are certain stipulations on permit for discharges into the Rouge River.

"In 2 key actions, Mayor Kilpatrick ordered" hiring of Mercado and bringing on IMG- this led Judge Feikens to conclude in his order than clean water was on its way back to Detroit.

Judge commented on projects proceeding on schedule? Yes. He said they were being completed on schedule.

What does Judge say about Mercado? Witness reads that when problems have arisen, Mercado has been prompt in addressing them to the judge. Reports have also been filed in a timely fashion.

This is in 2006- Mercado has cut operating budget by 10% without affecting compliance. DWSD sewerage rates amongst the lowest in the country. Bond rates have been remained good.

So all of that during a large and ambitious project for Super Bowl and All Star game? Correct.