You remember at some point Kilpatrick was no longer needed as special administrator? Correct.

It was because at that time Detroit was well on its way to clean water? Correct.

Contracts 650 and 651. Were you aware that Kilpatrick had asked to work promptly to extend contracts? Yes.

Were you aware that Feikens did what Mr. Kilpatrick requested even when he was no longer the administrator? Yes.

10:52AM As relates to WS 650 and 651, the judge did approve the amendments to the contracts? Yes.

Edwards reads from document which states that delays people from doing competent work. Court also reflects on discontinuance of special administratorship.

Judge didn't fire Kilpatrick? Correct.

Judge discontinued special administrator under his own authority? Yes.

Because it looked like the goals of the DWSD were being met? Yes.

10:56AM Mike Rataj for Bobby Ferguson.

Yesterday you spelled out duties that came with your position? Yes.

Rataj says focus on sub-contractor for basis of my questions. Sub-contractors when they want to get paid they need to do certain things? Yes.

They have to gather invoices, labor and equipment costs? Yes.

And then they take documents to field engineers? Correct.

Do subcontractors submitted to prime contractor or field engineers? To the prime contractor who gives it to field engineers.

It's a very involved process, go through blueprints with a fine tooth comb? Yes.

Field engineers may go back to prime or sub and say they don't like what they see? Correct.

So then sub-contractor has to fix it? Yes.

This is situation that routinely happens in the field? Yes.

There are layers before request for payments become realized? Yes.

Witness says project manager will receive all the information. And they then establish an engineers' estimate. They put the data into a form and attach submitting documents to that. Give it to their supervisor who reviews it. Then sent to the next supervisor who does the same. Then it goes to engineering. after they sign off on it, it goes to DWSD to be signed off.

So would you agree there is a series of checks and balances? Yes.

So subcontractors not paid unless job is done? Yes.

Witness says engineers' document is reviewed to make sure it's in compliance and everything is in line with contract document. then submitted back to witness or other staff member who draw down money to pay the contractor. Then witness signs off estimate. Then it goes to accounting to cut the check.

This is the longest witness by far. Has been on the stand for 5 hours. And he is loving it. Unfortunately, the rest of us are not.