Looking at phone records. there was phone call between Mercado and Ferguson on March 17th 2004.

Witness looking at letter from DWSD to DLZ on March 19th 2004. Communicating that they accepted to award contracts to entities listed earlier: Posen, L D'Agostini and Lanzo. Looking to assemble everything necessary to process contracts.

Text message on March 22nd 2004 between Bobby and Kwame. This is 3 days after recommendation.

B: Okay I need zeke to call victor and tell him he wants to review recommendations for downtown contractors prior to final decision being mafde."

K: "Cool."

B" You will tell him sir real soon they are trying to move real fast thank you not trying to rush boss but don't want this to get by us."

Text on march 23rd 2004 between bobby and kwame. 

B: Good morning boss don't forget to talk to zeke sir. 

K: I did call him asap so you can give him details

B: victor just outsmarted us. he made me come to his office. thought ut was about jon we have it was about 3 lowest bidders. white folks."

March 23rd 2004 more from Bobby and Kwame.

B: :can you beleive that dlz has already told some contractors that d'agostini and posen and lanzo are winners

K: yup.

K: Some guy jay told adamo they will be chosen.

B: what's up, what did adamo wont.

Witness says that bobby very commonly mispells want writing "wont"

Text message from Denise Vaughn to Miller March 30th 2004

D: "Derrick, victor wants you to call him and he wants to meet regarding project."

12:28PM Witness talking about order for certain percentage of Detroit based business.

March 17th 2004 between Bobby and Kwame. William Hayes runs Hayes Excavating says witness. Based in Detroit and is minority-owned.

B: "You want to hear something funny Hayes excavating cussed out victor and said stuff his job. 5 minutes later calls me to find out when, how fast we can do the job"


B: "I will tell you more tonight. victor told me he don't want to hear why the problem exists just to fix it...."

K: "Cool."

Rataj objects. Overruled.