Mallett got paid $5,000 a month. witness says Mallett still working with DLZ when he worked.

One of reasons you hired Mallett was because you thought he could be effective communicator on issues to do with DLZ? Yes.

At one point his primary contact was Derrick Miller? He spoke to Derrick, he spoke to Christine and the mayor.

10:05AM Martin Crandall for Mercado cross-examines.

During this time in 2004 and 2005 when you were getting involved in pilot projects, you met with Mercado? I used to meet with him regularly.

5 or 10 times? I can't remember.

Was Mercado professional? Yeah. He had a strong personality but I liked working with him.

Witness heard through reports that Judge Feikens praised Mercado's performance.

Witness says it was on the downtown water main project that Mercado wanted DLZ to give Ferguson work.

So it was once he asked you? It was at meeting for water main project.

Do you remember telling EPA agent that Victor didn't like dealing with Ferguson? Yes.

On November 17th 2009, very next day you testified to grand jury, You remember saying that it was Mallett who said to get Ferguson involved because that would please the mayor? Witness remembers Mallett saying for several years that helping Ferguson would please the mayor.

In entire grand jury transcript never mentioned Mercado promoting Ferguson? Don't remember what I said.

Would you accept that grand jury testimony never mentions Mercado promoting Ferguson? I would accept it.

Was Mercado proponent of minority enterprise? I would say that is a fair statement yes.

10:11AM Mike Rataj for Ferguson. Rataj asks witness to help him with pronunciation of his name. "No disrespect intended."

Started working at Snell environmental in 1977? Yes.

Based out of Lansing? Yes.

Worked out of there until 1987? Well in 1988 my brother and I bought Snell Environmental. Witness says that when he left, brother had 85% stake in DLZ and witness had 15%. DLZ holding company for Snell.

Rataj says that in report it says that witness's brother bought Snell? Witness says they both bought.

Rataj shows him report. witness says that's what it says in report.

You ended up working for you brother? Yes. You were COO and brother was CEO? Yes.

DLZ opened office in Detroit in the 90s? There was a Snell office in Detroit.

Your brother named company DLZ? Witness says company was changed from Snell to DLZ in 2000.

In late 90s, Snell got DWSD contracts under Archer administration? We were part of some teams.