Had done some work for DWSD? Some.

Detroit Water Partners consortium, familiar with them? Yes.

Snell part of them? No.

So if EPA agent put that in her report not accurate? Witness says what document says is that we worked under Detroit Watyer Partners. they were working as program managers. And DLZ got some projects from that process. We were not part of the consortium.

Rataj says "Alright I'll accept your answer."

Witness says his group did design projects under expansion program.

You were mostly involved in business development? No.

Had relationships with some engineers at DWSD? Yes.

You would use relationships to see what projects were being developed? Yes.

These projects weren't probably up for bid yet? Probably not.

You wanted to get a leg up on competition.

Blackwell objects. Judge sustains.

You admit you'd make calls to find out what was in the pipeline? I certainly needed to know what was coming up.

The engineers were leaking info? That information was probably available. DWSD has reports with what they are planning to do. They might be on their website.

Do you know that for a fact? That it's on their website. I don't know that for a fact.

You'd get a jump with your competitors? I don't know about a jump says witness.

Witness says you don't start putting together drawings til the thing is advertised.

You said you hired Mallett? That is correct.

You did that because you wanted access to City Hall and DWSD? Yes.

You paid him a hefty sum of money to see how your bids were doing. Isn't that true? I would say it's more factual to say we were doing job ourselves to chase the projects.

Didn't you tell EPA agent that Mallett would check DWSD contracts? Yes.

Blackwell objects. Judge sustains. Rataj starts to get into it with judge.

You paid Mallett $5,00 to $6,000 a month? Yes.

He was campaign manager for Kwame and COO? Yes.

The reason you hired Mallett was to gain access to City Hall? I don't know what that means. His job was to protect our interests in City Hall.