You had contemplated using at least 7 different contractors? That is correct.

Strong preference to be given to DBBs and DHBs, with employees that resided in Detroit? Witness says local economic development, yes.

Agreed that RFP process used not lowest bid? Yes.

Ultimately number of contractors hired? Yes.

Amongst them FEI and Hayes? Yes.

And they helped established success of pilot? Yes. They were involved in it.

You will acknowledge issue under contract CM 2012 about ability to post bond? No. Not aware of that.

Edwards or anyone from DWSD didn't contact you about it? No I'm not aware of it. But I may not be recollecting.

Witness says bonds were needed on pilot project.

Do you remember when Snell hadn't posted bonds and it cost the city of Detroit millions of dollars? No I'm not aware of it.

Rataj hands witness a document. Witness says he is not familiar with document. Rataj says does it refresh recollection about prior contract in the 80s? No it doesn't.

No one ever told you? No. Our contract was management contract. Our contractors were provided the bonds.

Don't remember when Snell Environmental cost the city millions in the 80s? No.

CM 2012 went off without a hitch? Wouldn't say without a hitch but got done in time.

DLZ management contract was for $19.9 million.

Witness says that managers told him that Ferguson issued a lot of change orders.

You have a strong personality? Yes.

You're not a push over? I try to make my point.

You would agree Bobby is a strong personality as well? That would be a fair statement.

Strong personalities in the construction industry? Strong personalities ion all businesses.

there is a lot of pushback between sub-contractors and engineers? Yes.

You and Ferguson able to work through your differences? Yes.

Rataj hands the witness another document.

11:14AM You recognize documents? Not specifically, no. 

On overhead. they are change orders. Witness says not sure if they are change or work orders.