Witness says that department used terminology change order because they used base price. Witness says they were asked to call it change orders but some times it was new work being given. Witness says that contractors got six different segments, they were called change order but weren't a changed condition on the order. Witness calls them work orders. 

Looking at Lanzo Construction change order #12. Lists initial contract price. 

Witness says that WS 642 was number for base contract. Every time they gave them segments it would have added to the base amount. Lanzo got many segments. 

Witness says project managers were handling the contract, he wasn't aware of every detail. 

Lanzo Change Oder #12. Amendment for $180,000. the contract after 12 change orders from 41.4 to $6.4 million. 

Judge tells Rataj document needs to be focused more. Jurors having a hard time. 

Rataj asks was this the last change order for Lanzo or there could be more? Witness says there could be more. I don't know. 

This isn't unusual for change orders? Witness saying what you are calling change order I call work order. 

Witness says Jay Mehta worked for DLZ on program. 

Memo on overhead about conversation with Mercado. Says letter of intent needs to be issued by July 2003. Edwards spoke to Jay Mehta who said that DLZ would not have bonds but that the sub-contractors would. Rataj asks if it refreshes recollection about problems with bonds? At this point no. 

Blackwell objects. Judge sustain. "You have asked this question many times and he has said the same thing."

Rataj "He has no recollection, fair enough."

Witness says whenever there was a problem they would notify department. It wasn't just with Ferguson. Witness sure they wrote up more than one contractor.

From 2005 to 2006, you scaled down participation with DLZ? Yes.

And that's because your brother fired you? Not at that point.

But he did fire you? Yes.

Did you tell EPA agent tell you that "your brother fired you because you pissed to many people off"? No.

Rataj gives document to refresh witness's memory. witness doesn't see it "Perhaps it's not there."

Witness finally sees it. "What about it?" Witness says that he wanted to make amends with some people in Detroit. "But it doesn't mean I pissed everybody off."

But you pissed off some poeple? I'm sure.

And your brother got ride of you.

11:30AM Jennifer Blackwell redirects.

What kind of advice were you asking Mallett for? What functions we should attend.

You wanted advice on how to get along with mayor? Yes.

Wasn't advice to hire Bobby? Well he told me to hire Ferguson to make mayor happy. On several occasions.