With regards to pushback with Ferguson, how would you rate it with respect to other contractors? He was a lot harder to deal with other contractors.

With Lanzo change order #12, was it change or work order? I believe it was for an additional segment. What I believe is a work order.

Witness says Lanzo was doing things efficiently and faster. Logical for them to get work. Witness liked them- equipment was always good and didn't have a lot of change over.

How would you rate Ferguson performance problems? I would say in the context, he was the worst of the six. He was the most difficult to deal with.

Witness steps down.

11:35AM Mark Chutkow calls for EPA agent Carol Paszkiewicz. Agent is one of principal agents investigation of allegations of extortion during Kilpatrick administration with Detroit Water and Sewerage.

She was key witness in Ferguson's previous trial. She found the gun in his office.

Sidebar called.

11:39AM Agent investigated contractors who might have a fear that if they didn't have partnerships or there were "no show" payments, there might be financial or contractual repercussions. Witness investigated whether members of mayoral administration had rigged or steered contracts. Ferguson Enterprises and Xcel Construction investigated- affiliated with Bobby. Lakeshore Engineering, Inland Waters, DFT and Motor City Electric looked at.

Lakeshore contracts were sewer and water. A combined sewer overflow is where cities had a combined system. Over years, they worked to separate. Over time, the water will overflow. You don't want to overflow your waste water plant.

Inland Waters another one allegedly forced. Inland Waters is Tony Soave's company.

Also Walbridge, sewer and water construction company.

Agent looked at text messages, emails, looked at records, also records from engineering. Obtained records from all those companies on water companies. Also obtained and reviewed financial records.

You remember Edwards' yesterday testimony? "2 days!"

Witness looking for context on text messages or more information on texts, that's why she would show them to witnesses. To Edwards in particular, looking for guidance to contracts.

Witness does that with a variety of documents that she shows witness to get a sense of direction.

Looking at email from a Mr. Walter in the law department to a Mr. Gerald Moore, works for Edwards. The subject is contract 2012. The email tells the recipient that he has reviewed final version of the contract and is ok with it.

How much later is this email from the one yesterday? A couple of months.

Witness says in original email from Moore it says contract has been signed off by mayor and Mercado.

The original email from Moore is September 3rd 2003 and the reply is September 4th 2003. 

After Edwards testimony yesterday, did you get a chance to review text messages between Kwame and Bobby on 2012? Yes.

Did he have an official role in the city administration? No (talking about Bobby)

And at this time did Kwame have a role in the awarding of water contracts? Yes he was special administrator.

Text message from Bobby to Kwame. on August 25-26 2003.

B: "You haven't authorized Vic to go ahead with downtown main with Asian people." Asian people would be DLZ individuals.