K: "Yes I did before we talked. I did that before fund-raiser."

B: "Was that the whole deal or just the pilot program?"

K: "Pilot program."

B" I think we might have an issue. i will bring a copy of something I received last night."

K" OK.

Text message on October 14th 2003 between Bobby and Kwame.

B: "Things are moving kind of quick on the water main work, is it ok if Zeke review and approve the watermain replacement prior to victor assigning a new task to his consultant team". "Zeke" is Derrick miller, he was aide to Kwame.

K: "We need to talk about that. We'll holla later."

Text message on October 17th 2003 between Kwame and Bobby.

B: "Got the idea and the other team ready water main."

K:" Cool."

B:" Do 2 teams. See you in the AM."


Text message between Bobby and Kwame on February 18th 2004

B: "Hate to bother you but you need to hear this. Pratap people stopped talking to my people and trying to give the job to one of the other contractors."

K: "What?"

B: Just what you said before we are not part of the decision making, we get fucked no matter how the process started you still in the office."

Qaqiah from DWSD would communicate with Jay Mehta of DLZ.

Text message between Bobby and Derrick Miller on February 18th 2004.

B: "I need to see you sir."

M "Cool. Holla about 3:30."

B: "I am with the boss this is real urgent." "Boss" is Kwame.

M: "You are there? Cool."

Miss a lot of the rest of the exchange.

B: "Just to let him know what was going on to see how you would handle it."