Miss Miller's reply.

B" I need to give you the complete details. I don't want to met with your boy. LOL."

B: You downtown Blackman.

Talking about the water main project.

On March 15th 2004, from Jay Mehta at DLZ to Awni Qaqish at DWSD on March 15th 2004. They recommend that the three lowest bidders be granted contracts. The three lowest contractors are Posen Construction, L D'Agostini and Lanzo Construction.

Skytel between Mercado and Kwame on March 16th 2004. So day after last letter on lowest bidders.

M: "Mr mayor I need to speak with you it is urgent.

K: "Come to office at 5:30."

M: "OK thanks."

March 16th 2004 between Bobby and Kwame. Text later same day.

K:"Can you come to my office. How long very important.

B: I guess right now, if it that very important i am in a staff office... can you give me 20 minutes to leave my office?"

K: "Yes."

B: "Thanks boss."

K" It's about downtown projects."

B:" OK"

B" I am here sir. i am out here with security."- approximately and hour after last email about 7:10pm

K: "Come in"

2 days later, March 18th 2004. From Awni Qaqish to Mercado. DLZ finished their evaluation of 10 bids which are attached. Qaqish concurs with recommendation to naward contracts to 3 lowest bidders and reject the other proposals for being 40 to 156% higher. He also recommend getting rebids from other contractors. Mercado approved this recommendation.

March 18th 2004 between bobby and Kwame.

B: "your welcome boss. just left victor. date has been changed to my benefit but we still have problem on the big one...he thinks he is slick man with this white folks." Witness says "big one" is 2012.

K: "His slick shit is running out. i got his ass on something. I ain't happy."

B" Damn, I'm not nosy one but I will find you...." missed some of this ...

K: "True."

Witness looks at document from Jah Mehta from DLZ to Daniel Edwards at DWSD on March 17th 2004. It's a fax. "Hayes Excavating has alrady executed contract.." "FEI informed DLZ that they want extension of project date." DLZ informs FEI that extension is DWSD's decision.