8:59AM Think we're going to have a late start this morning. Lines are pretty long at the courthouse this morning because it's immigration day. Kwame Kilpatrick is just entering the courtroom with his lawyers and Bobby Ferguson follows shortly thereafter. Bernard Kilpatrick, in a summery beige suit, and Victor Mercado were already seated at the defendants' table.

9:03AM Judge Nancy Edmunds enters the courtroom. "Ready to go?" she asks the court.

Jurors are shuffling to their seats.

9:05AM Agent Carol Paszkiewicz cross examined by Martin Crandall for Victor Mercado.

Crandall says he has exhibits from the Judge John Feikens files.

Is it fair to say that over the past many years you half looked over half a million texts? No. More like 300,000 to 500,000.

Fair to say the texts were from the mayor's inner circle, "Kitchen Cabinet"? Give me names.

Most texts were mayor, Ferguson, Beatty and Derrick Miller to begin with. miller was Information Officer and Chief of Staff? Yes.

Kandia Milton? Yes.

DeDan Milton his brother held a position in inner circle as well? Yes. Believe he was an aide to Mr. Kilpatrick.

Mr. Mercado was dramatically smaller? I wouldn't say dramatically.

My client is 500 texts whereas we are looking at 500,000 texts, less than a percent? Yes. at one point I did a review of just your client and Kwame. Witness says it was less.

Dramatically less? It was significantly less, yes.

As you looked at Mercado's they were business like? Yes.

August 22 2004, Sunday morning text on sinkhole. Got a text from his deputy. Know from messages we know Mercado was on the scene? Yes he was.

I mean manner in which he texted? Yes.

Typical of texts that he was very professional? I agree with that.

Is it fair to say, it seems clear that the texters that included "zeke", Miller, Ferguson and Kwame and they talked of Victor being "full of shit", "slick man", derogative words. Fair? Yes that's fair.

Victor not involved in texts about meeting? Yes I agree the texts from yesterday maybe only one or two involved Mercado.

One of the texts said "do we trust him" in February 2005? That was not entered in evidence yesterday. But yes it exists.

Is it fair to say, based on the texts in this DLZ scenario from yesterday, Victor was not in the trusted confidence of the speakers? I am not going to verify that statement. If you'd like I'lll clarify why.

9:17AM  Crandall has walked away from his microphone and his questions are inaudible.

One of the exhibits John Minock was going to put in the other day is the org chart of the water department. You aware of it? Yes.

Judge Feikens involved in water litigation since 1977, he collected a room full of documents which you've looked at? Yes.

Last Tuesday Mercado and I were out of court to look at those water documents from Feikens? Yes.