Letter from January 2003 from Mercado's water deputy to Feikens- is that a fair chart? Yes it is. Don't remember on aspect on it though.

Witness says Board of Water Commissioners appointed by mayor.

Witness says they didn't have to go to through Board of Water Commissioners for water contracts.

Looking at the DWSD Reorganization Plan on overhead. At top is Board of Water Commissioners. Director under them and Deputy Director under that.

This reorg a product of IMG? I don't know.

IMG started contract in May 2002? Yes he was here June and July 2002.

Losing so many questions because Crandall not talking in microphone.

Anthony Adams was another water director who was not an engineer? No he was not an engineer.

Judge Feikens obviously very happy with Victor? I read the order. Yes Judge Feikens was approving of the decisions.

Witness says Feikens was very approving of steps taken under Mercado's directorship.

The initial contract for IMG was for 90 days and it was extended beyond Mercado's tenure.

Judge Feikens through court orders was directing direction of water department? Yes. It was very unusual nationwide to have a judge controlling that.

These exhibits show that in the 6 years Victor was in the water department he was dealing with Judge Feikens, in this very chamber, and John Joiner with IMG. IMG was an oversight group? They would advise the judge and Mercado. they would provide counsel to both ends.

They looked at 142 contracts? Yes.

Witness says that what they were asked to do in the first 90 days of contract.

Basically it seems that Crandall is suggesting that Judge Feikens was the ultimate power in things to do with water department. Also outside group IMG was monitoring and counseling on water contracts.

9:33AM Have you reviewed these exhibits? Yes, 8 through 13.

So these are reports on behalf of IMG to Judge Feikens copying Mercado in February 2003? Yes.

And here is DWSD Contract Procurement Oversight? to be clear its the cover page.

And this document is an agenda for December 2004 that shows Judge Feikens, includes Mark Jacobs a lawyer for water department, John Joyner. So in the meeting there were many people? Yes.

And then this document is an agenda for February 2005 for the same crew that outlined their meeting? Yes.

Last document of February 28th 2006, a comprehensive report of IMG to the Judge and Mercado? This is the change orders and contracts they looked at over the reporting period.

It goes through many change orders, many contracts, it has details on pumping stations. there were 25 contracts in that report? Yes. It's a lot.

For the entire 6 years that Mercado was there from July 2002 until his departure in 2008.

Witness says when you say report to IMG, they discussed certain data. He certainly did report, in some aspects, to Feikens.