Prosecution objects. Thomas says did I just see her (the witness) signal prosecution to object?

There are 3 messages on the screen? Exchanges says the witness.

What is bolded in the messages is what is being communicated? Bold is to identify what is new.

Thomas asks how "what" could be read. Can't tell right? I can tell it's a question says witness. i just take it for the word.

But its open for interpretation? He is inquiring about something.

Is this all the exchanges they had that day? No because they had one later.

Now on to another text from yesterday.

Thomas says you made a mistake yesterday about Kilpatrick signing contract? Yes.

on February 18th 2004. This is an exchange between bobby and Derrick miller.

B: "I need to see you sir"

M: "Cool holla about 3:30."

Thomas says Miller's reply not  right away is about 20 minutes later. Thomas juxtaposes 2 texts messages, exhibits 8 and 9. In the interim, Ferguson has sent a text to Kwame? Correct.

At 1:19PM, mayor's reply is "What" and nothing more? Yes.

Bobby text to Miller" I him with the boss this is real urgent." 1:28PM

Were you aware on February 18th, that Kwame was supposed to be at Gompers elementary school between 1:30 to 2:30PM.? No says witness.

Thomas puts up agenda page that shows a confirmed appointment at Gompers School at 1:30PM. Did you check it? no says witness.

Witness says looking at calendar entry, yes, it looks he was at Gompers School from 1:30 to 2:30PM.

Calendar shows that later Kwame had other appointments including a Jim Stapleton event at 6:00PM. Emma bell was also there.

Thomas talking about Cyrano de Bergerac, the literary figure with the big nose, in terms of interpretation of things.

The fund-raiser took place at lobbyist D'Alessandro's home.

Thomas goes back to texts of February 18th. "I him with the boss." Thomas says you took this to mean he was with Kwame? Yes.

Thomas says you filled in words that weren't there. this goes back to my Cyrano speech. Do you rul out the possibility that Miller misinterpreted line above? No he asked a question.

"You are there?" was Miller's text at 1:29PM.

Witness says that Ferguson and Kwame were communication with Miller what they want him to do with Mercado based on the totality of the message.

How can you fill in words based on something you didn't see? Witness says I did not fill in words.