Would you agree that the letter of intent in September 2003 predates that conversation? Correct says witness.

Do you agree that the special administrator's order authorizing Mercado to enter expeditiously on contracts predates that conversation? Yes.

That's almost 7 months earlier? Yes.

I have nothing further says Thomas.

12:29PM Mark Chutkow redirects for government.

Mr. Crandall charts you remember that? Yes.

Board of Commissioners? Yes.

Who had more influence Board or Mercado on water contracts? Mr. Mercado.

Can Mercado sign a special administartor contract without approval of Kwame Kilpatrick when he was special administrator? No.

Talked about monthly meetings with Feikens? Yes.

Did you inform Feikens about your investigation into water department?

Thomas objects. Judge asks what is your objection and Thomas asks for sidebar.

Did you advise Feikens of your investigation? Not that I'm aeare of.

So in 2006, nothing was disclosed to Feikens? No.

Did Mercado mislead Feikens after he authorized investigation into security contract? Yes.

Thomas objects. Judge sustains and says we are getting far off field.

From your investigation, did IMG review all contracts in this case? No they did not. They reviewed aspects for certain contracts. There were instances that after contracts were awarded they looked at them. By and large not involved in process.

Did Feikens and IMG express frustration at not receiving documents from Mercado? Yes.

Crandall talked about sinkhole communications and professional tone? Yes. 

And whether Mercado was on the scene? Yes. 

Did you look at whether mayor and Mercado meet at sinkhole? Yes. 

Where there also text messages between Kwame and Bobby at that time? Yes. 

Were there phone calls between Ferguson and Mercado at this time? Yes there were. 

Crandall asked about Mercado being part of Kitchen Cabinet and focused on 2012 contract? Yes. 

You said you couldn't agree that he wasn't in the Kitchen Cabinet. Why? Witness says there was information being communicated between the parties. When Crandall asked if it was true they didn't trust Mercado, witness says that messages indicate that there was a level of trust there and they were questioning it.