Victor to Kwame: "11 foot sewer collapsed 15 mile between moravin and Hayes. Road closed 6 homes evacuated. Electric power out for 800 to 1000 homes..."

There had been another sinkhole previous to Mercado that took 5 years instead of the year Mercado took says Crandall.

9:59AM Mike Rataj for Bobby Ferguson cross-examines.

You've been EPA agent for how long? 15 years.

Been involved in other criminal cases and investigations? Yes.

You understand witness sequestration? Yes.

That is where witnesses are precluded from coming to listening to witnesses testify? Yes.

That's done to prevent witnesses listening from tailoring their own testimony? That's one of the tenets, yes.

But that's what sequestration is for? I'm not an attorney, I've not read it but I would see reasoning for that.

You like your colleagues can be in courtroom when witnesses are testifying? Yes there is an exception for federal agents.

Chutkow objects. Judge overrules but says be careful to Rataj.

How many agents coming in and out of court at this point? I'd say 6.

You, IRS agent Sauer, FBI's Beeckman and who else? There are two other agents who sit in the back.

You've heard testimony over last 3 days, Mr. Edwards and the DLZ witness? Yes.

Remember Executive Order 4? I was asked about Executive Order 2003-4.

Document on overhead. Witness says that it is not 2003-4 and doesn't remember reading it.

You agree that racism has existed since founding father put their Hancock’s on Declaration of Independence? Yes.

You would agree that racism still exists? Yes, it does.

Even in our lifetime Affirmative Action has been legislated? Yes.

Looking at businesses opportunities? Yes.

You can't say Executive Order was designed to give business to minorities? I haven't looked at this one.

Rataj asks witness if she wants to look at the Executive Order. "If you want me to," says the witness. Rataj hands it to her.

Witness reads document.

Defense lawyer Susan Van Dusen whispers something in Rataj's ear as document is being read.

Goal of the administration is to give 30% of contracts to Detroit-based businesses says the document.