You reviewed Feikens file and you didn't come across this? There were 10s of thousands of documents. It could have been in there.

The one you saw is similar to that? Yes.

Witness says addresses racism by giving business to certain percentage of residents.

You would agree that Detroit based and headquarter business should benefit? If they qualify absolutely.

You would agree that citizens of Detroit should also benefit? Yes.

You have no problem with goal of Executive Order? "No. I'm a female law enforcement officer sir. I think I've faced discrimination in my life," says witness.

Rataj can't pronounce DLZ's witness's last name so referring to him by first name "Pratap".

Witness says I will agree with you that he (DLZ witness) addressed the city with an idea.

There was a backlog? Yes a backlog and a need.

"I've spent an inordinate amount of time in sewers investigating illegal discharges" says EPA witness. Eeeewwww.

Mercado willing to give pilot project a try? Yes.

Wanted to open up more businesses to women, minorities and small businesses? Yes.

You interviewed Pratp on November 19th 2009? I believe so yes.

And he told you they had decided to use minority contractors? I believe so.

And that there were only 3 qualified minority contractors in the city? Yes.

Hayes, Ferguson and Wili McCormick? Yes.

Pratap selected Hayes and Ferguson for pilot? I don't know if he selected them but they were selected.

Would you agree with me that no one threatened him with future economic harm if he didn't hire Ferguson? I absolutely agree with that.

He testified that both contractors came in under budget on the pilot? I can't remember that but don't remember anything to the opposite.

Rataj gives witness report to refresh her recollection.

In terms of you report it came down under budget and in schedule? I’ll admit that often times at counsel table I'm looking at documents at other things. So don't remember him say it.

But he said it in interview in 2009? Yes.

You would agree that 2012 was an umbrella contract that had multiple other contractors? Yes.

And 2012 was supposed to have as many as 7 contractors? Yes.

And it was an RFP contract? Yes I remember Mr. Edwards testifying that.