He used different language than you would? Yes.

As of February 18th 2004. At the time of this text message, McCormick had been left out of the contracts. So couldn't "my people" be McCormick.

Do you read minds asks Rataj.

Isn't it a fact that he could have been talking about McCormick?

Witness says it's not a fact but it's a possibility.

Rataj says so it's a fact that it's a possibility.

When Ferguson says "we" he could have been referring to black people, black race? I don't know answers an exasperated witness.

Now looking at March 18th 2004 document from Awni Qaqish to Mercado where it recommends rebidding. Attached is price comparison on Washington Blvd. At this point, DLZ had intended to give 5 contractors contracts asks Rataj? Yes says witness. 

Document lists bidders by rank of bids, lowest to higher. this document meant nothing because this wasn't a low bid contract but and RFP contract? 

It wasn't a low bid contract, yes or no? Witness says she can't answer yes or no. 

Didn't Edwards say it was an RFP contract? I am not going to answer that. 

Rataj says "oh so you refuse to answer that". 

But on document of December 24th 2003 it says right here they are going to use RFP process? Yes answers witness. 

Witness is not happy with questioning by Rataj. They are giving each other major attitude. 

Ferguson contract 650 was for $821,475 and 651 was for $720,195. Biggest contract went to McCormick who got $1.6 million. 

Looking at Lanzo Construction change order #12 which listed original price at $1.4 million which became $6.3 million.

11:33AM According to your testimony yesterday, you said that by the end of the contract 650 was $3.4 million. But it's be clear that was not profit? Witness says I believe I said that was his revenues.

On 651 you said $3.5 million. Revenues? Yes. 

Rataj asks how many change orders on the contracts. Witness says she remembers he had some but can't remember the number. 

11:36AM Stopped because a juror had to rush to the bathroom.

Everything ok asks judge.

11:37AM How many change orders to Hayes have on 642? Can't remember sitting here says witness.

On 649? Can't remember.

How many revenues on 649? Can't remember.

Asks about change orders on 653, 654, 655, 656? Witness can't remember.