Allowed Kwame to do a search for water director? Yes.

Witness says IMG had 90 contract not Mercado. Believes Mercado's contract was for 1 to 3 years. And yes, she answers thomas, it was extended.

The last paragraph on the order permits Mercado to enter into contracts for the center core of the city of Detroit.

Ferguson involved in pilot program? Yes he was.

The word expeditiously is interesting. What does it mean in this term? You're referring to Super Bowl and All Star Game.

All Star Game in 2005 and Super Bowl in February 2006 says Thomas? Yes.

The work had to be completed on or before June 2004? Those dates are commonly changed by change order says the witness. That segment of the contract they were awarded initially, yes, did have a contractual end date.

Witness says yes, everything was to be done more expeditiously than in regular contracting mode.

Lawyer Michael Naughton pushes microphone towards Thomas so he can be heard more clearly. Thank you.

Letter of Intent to Award contracts on July 2003 to DLZ from DWSD. 

You were signed if it was signed by the mayor does it look like it to you? Clearly signed by Victor Mercado.

Thomas says that is still your position that Kwame signed the order? Yes that he was signed the order. But Mercado that physically signed contract.

Did you say that the contract was signed by mayor? Clearly I did.

Is it your position today? The contract document, no.

Witness says she should have been clearer. Mayor doesn't sign actual physical contract document.

Looking at document from September 9th 2003, do you remember that? Yes.

When was that? Not for several months. Probably May or June of this year.

This document was logged and indexed in your files? That of the government, yes.

You had forgotten about this document? Yes.

Letter from September 2003 from Gerald Moore to Daniel Edwards in DWSD. Letter specifically deals with who is supposed to sign contracts for CM 2012.

Thomas makes fun of previous witness Daniel Edwards. "Helloooo" says Thomas. Kwame cracks up.

Document says the documents were delivered to water director for mayor's signature but deputy director said it should have signature for Mercado.

Thomas references text message brought up earlier today from February 18th 2004. Bobby talking about pratap people stopping negotiations and giving job to another contractor.

Were there more messages than shown here? Yes.

These texts were selected by you to show your position?