9:30AM Witness knows the Kilpatrick. Met Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick in the mid 80s through a friend when he was a firefighter. Kwame's mother was a state rep at the time. Witness has supported her campaigns.

Witness also knows Kwame met him when he was in college. supported Kwame over the course of his career, financially to the campaigns. He held fund-raisers. Rachmale also participated in the fund-raising events.

When Kwame became mayor in 2002, Hardiman participated on a transition committee, the Clean Up Demolition Committee. Rachmale was on a different committee. Ferguson was chairman of the committee.

9:34AM In 2002, Lakeshore generated $12 to $14 million in sales. Didn't have some of these other entities. That year, 2002, witness submitted a bid proposal for a water contract. It was a contract to rehabilitate sewers and outfalls. The value of the contract was $10 million. 

Thomas objects. 

Also submitted another bid for a $5 million contract. 

One contract was awarded and one was pulled. They received a letter saying they were selected for $10 million contract. 

On the $10 million contract, 1361, had a meeting with Ferguson who came to his house. Bobby said he should be part of the contract for him being a black guy. Witness said they already had a team and Bobby said it still has to go through the mayor's desk. Witness says you look at RFP and select team that is going to to the best work on the job. Bid proposals are fairly elaborate process. 

By the time Ferguson visited witness, he already had a team, put the proposal together and had been told they were getting it. Ferguson had done no work. Indicated to the witness he wanted 25% but did not indicate what he would do. Witness said to him they already had team together. Bobby told witness that the contract still had to go across the mayor's desk.

Witness says that didn't mean anything to him as he knew the mayor. The Board of Water Commissioners had already acted on the contract.

After Ferguson left, discussed the proposal with Rachmale. Said this is a black contractor in Detroit and asked Rachmale if they could fit him in. Rachmale said they could fit in for 10 to 12%. Told Bobby that and Ferguson said "Ok. We'll see." Bobby was not on contract 1361. This conversation took place in 2003.

9:45AM The normal process of what usually what happened with the water contract didn't happen so witness began to make inquiries. "It just sat on Victor Mercado's desk." Witness called Darryl Latimer, the assistant director of DWSD, who told him it was sitting on Mercado's desk. Witness called Mercado but got no response.

Hardiman tried to call the mayor but got no response. That surprised him because he was a supporter of the mayor and was on his transition team and didn't see why he shouldn't be able to talk to him.

Witness went to other individuals to see what was going on with 161. Contacted Kwame's mother, Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick.

Thomas objects for hearsay. Judge overrules.

Kwame's mother, to the witness's recollection, said "My son said I love you. I handle city business and you handle the government business. Let me handle city business."

Thomas calls for sidebar.

9:50AM Audio and video down during crucial testimony. This blows. 

9:58AM Video back on but can't hear anything. Just saw Kwame leave the courtroom so it looks like we are on a break. Think they actually stopped for the technical issues which is cool because this is some of the most interesting testimony of the week.

10:00AM Thomas is saying that he still believes what Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick said is hearsay because it does not go towards climate of fear.

So it seems like the technical issues were throughout the entire courtroom. All good for now.

Judge says as she sees it what Hardiman is saying about conversation with Ferguson is being offered as the truth. On the other hand, what Carolyn cheeks Kilpatrick is not being offered as the truth.

Thomas has been arguing that the jury will not be able to make the distinction that the Cheeks Kilpatrick statement is not being offered as truth.

10:08AM And we're back. Witness talked to DeDan and Kandia Milton's mother Sandra Tene Ramsey. Dedan and Kandia Milton are friends of the mayor say witness and worked in the mayoral administration, so did their mother. Witness says he was upset when both his contracts were cancelled. Witness says he can't remember exactly what he said in conversations only that he called DeDan, his mother; Carolyn cheeks Kilpatrick and anything that he knew. Contract was sitting on the desk.

$15 million contracts, $750,000 in net revenue that is why witness was upset. DeDan's mother said her son could not respond because it was city business. Not sure he talked to DeDan, spoke to a lot of people at that time about the contract.