Did you indicate you owned business in Detroit for 13 years? Yes says Rachmale.

And that you saw progress for the city under Kwame? Yes says Rachmale.

And you were inspired by his vision and intelligence? Yes says Rachmale.

So you indicated in letter that you supported Kwame when he decided to run for mayor in 2001? Yes says Rachmale.

And you were on transition team? Yes.

There are only a select number of people on the transition team says Thomas.

You were aware he was going to be sentenced in a felony court. Yes says Rachmale.

And it's a true statement that Kwame apologized for his mistakes. Yes says Rachmale. 

You gave the letter freely. Yes says Rachmale. This was about personal issues. Rachmale says he didn't know about indictments if he had, it might have been different. 

Thomas done. 

9:30AM Government redirects. Mark Chutkow mentions a housekeeping matter. Submits 2 pieces of evidence. 

How long have you known Patel? Since 1994-1995. 

Are you friends with him? Yes I know him through temple. 

Do you know what Patel did when you first met him? Know I just know he worked for city. 

And you know his wife Meena? Yes. 

Are you friends with her? Yes. 

And you have business interests with her? Yes in 1996-1997, Rachmale says he saw lots of opportunity to rehabilitate old homes. He and Meena purchased 12 to 15 new homes and started rehabilitating those. 

When did you start purchasing those together? In 1996-1997. 

At that time did you have any business with the city? In 1997 had business with housing department. 

Rachmale says he and Meena renovated buildings and rented them out. Rachmale says main business was taking Lakeshore to the next level. 

Rachmale says Meena and Dilip were mostly taking care of tenants. He paid them for it. 

Rachmale says the relationship with Meena strained as a result of the investigation. "There is a perception that I'm doing something not kosher," says Rachmale. 

Rachmale says he purchased the Sky Group building on Grand blvd from the state. 

Chutkow asks if he had access to the building because he was part-owner. Yes says Rachmale. 

Chutkow points out other names on the Lakeshore employee list from Ohio, Oklahoma and Vermont who are contracted workers.