Looking at negotiation recommendation for CM 2014 in May 2006. Thomas says certain things going on in the city: All Star game, Super Bowl. 

These were huge undertaking for DWSD? Yes says Latimer. 


Thomas corrected. Super Bowl had already occurred by May 2006. 

"I was on a roll but I wasn't right," says Thomas. 

Looking at the scoring on the negotiations recommendation with DPM listed as #1. 

There is a cost to giving preferences? Yes. 

"As an African-American male would you say there is a cost to not giving preferences," asks Thomas. Yes responds Latimer. 

There are executive orders under Archer and Kilpatrick that say those things need to be considered? correct says Latimer. 

That money that is going to be money in city of Detroit is going to make 3%? Correct says Latimer. 

Then we talk about multiplier effect which is very important to a city where so many are moving out says Thomas. 

DLZ had misrepresented that they were Detroit headquartered because they were in Ohio? Latimer says I can't say they misrepresented. 

Did you know company was run by 2 brothers and that they split and 1 came back to Detroit? I know there was a rift says Latimer. 

Looking at document prepared by IMG. Do you know them? Yes they were working for Judge Feikens and they were overseeing various aspects of the contracts. 

Did you know Judge Feikens? Yes he was the Judge put in charge of DWSD because of suit brought by EPA over waste in the rivers. 

So Judge Feikens was tasked with overseeing quality of water in Detroit. Which has vastly improved? Yes says Latimer. 

It was brown and now if we look out, it's blue? Yes says Latimer. 

Feikens was placed in charge by an order? Correct. 

So he was like a Water Czar? Yes. 

So he was looking to streamline the process of contract awarding? Yes. 

Talking about different types of contracting- CM or CS (consulting services). 

Thomas points out that a special administrator designated even before Kilpatrick was mayor. Coleman Young was first special administrator. 

Is the conventional design build process applicable to 2015, 2015 and even 1361? Yes says Latimer. 

Thomas wants to run through it. Judge Edmunds says let's wait and run through it tomorrow morning. 

1:00PM Court recessed until 9am tomorrow.