You were aware that 1361 and 1387 were assigned to someone else? I don't know about 1387. 

But 1361 was assigned to someone else? Yes says Rachmale. 

They don't need a reason to terminate contract, correct? Yes says Rachmale. 

Without any knowledge about possible cost savings, you've ascribed that you think Mr. Kilpatrick was involved in cancellation of contract? Yes says Rachmale. 

Looking again at text from Bobby to Kwame about contract 1361.

Thomas says prior to seeing this text you did not think that Kwame was involved in cancellation? I had my suspicion says Rachmale. 

You had plenty of opportunities to see Kilpatrick subsequently and you never complained about losing 1361 and 1387? No says Thomas. 

Looking at letter Rachmale received from Mercado in 2003 regarding cancellation of contract 1361. 

You made $157 million from DWSD? No says Rachmale.

10:17AM Gerald Evelyn re-crosses. 

You've indicated that on the $157 million dollars you only made 3 or 4 million? Yes says Rachmale. 

You're a multi-millionaire asks Evelyn. 

Government objects. Judge sustains. 

Through this hardship you've experienced you're company has exploded asks Evelyn?

Nothing further

10:46AM 20 minute break over. Court back in session. Kwame looks vaguely recovered from his nasty cold in a dark sports coat and reddish tie. 

Government calls next witness. 

10:47AM  Mark Chutkow questions Darryl Andrew Latimer. Currently works for DWSD, currently deputy director. He's the number three guy. There are about 1,978 employees with water department. 

Started this position in February 2010. Prior to that, construction and grants manager. August 2010 through August 2011 became interim director. 

Has worked for the water department for about 24 years. Started in 1989. 

When Kilpatrick became mayor, he was head governmental analyst. Later promoted to contracts and grants manager on March 2003. Contracts and grants pursue grants and loans to fund contracts. 

Chutkow asks about 1361. 

Latimer says 1361 was an emergency sewer repair job. 

Looking at document sent by DWSD on contract 1361 to Avinash Rachmale. It went out under Latimer's name. 

Chutkow says at this stage you are basically giving them contract documents to sign? Yes says Latimer.