Also a spreasheet that shows scoring for 2015. 

Latimer says 2014 and 2015 were construction management broken down in east and west. 

Latimer says he was involved in administration of CM 2014 and 2015. 

The document containing rankings of different evaluations. Three columns, standard which takes lowest cost and every other company is scored against that. that is the typical was of doing. Under standard it says April 19th, 2006. Under standard scoring, Lakeshore ranked #5. 

On these 2 contracts, the director said he didn't want one company to have both contracts. 

Under standard ranking, Superior ranked #1. 

Bobby Ferguson lawyer Mike Rataj asks for sidebar.

 Apparently over the break, Kwame was telling Bernard that his son scored 21 points in a basketball game over the weekend. Sidebar over. 

Back to summary. On standard scoring Superior (DLZ as subcontractor) #1, EBI #2, DPM #3, Jenkins Walbridge #4 and Lakeshore (Fergson enterprises as subcontractor) #5. 

After seeing this, Mercado said he had some concerns with the wide range of pricing. Latimer said he had a problem with it and didn't want to move it as it was. 

Latimer suggested throwing out 2 companies: Vision consultants #7 and EBI #2 because they hadn't substantiated their pricing. 

Latimer explained to Mercado that they had grounds to disqualify the 2 aforementioned companies. 

Director explained that he didn't want to throw any of the companies out. 

Mercado asked about other methods used to score costs. Mercado approved average cost method and asked Latimer to go ahead with it. 

Latimer said he explained it was usually used on consultant contracts that didn't typically have materials but just man hours. 

Latimer says he expressed concern about implementing average cost method half way through the evaluation process. He was concerned that it shouldn't just be correct but look correct to the public.

11:42AM Did you express concern to Mercado. 

Did you explain to him why changing cost method halfway was a concern? 

Did you testify that "it doesn't look good"? Yes I explained that changing a process after getting a result doesn't look good. 

Jim Thomas keeps objecting about opinion versus what was actually said. 

Latimer says he told Mercado it didn't look good because they had set out with a particular method. 

Can you recall a construction average cost method was used on previously? No. 

After this can you recall using average cost method again? No says Latimer. 

Under average cost method, Superior (DMZ) remained at #1, DPM (Detroit Project Management joint venture with Ferguson's Xcel) #2, Jenkins Walbridge #3 and Lakeshore moved to #4. 

On CM 2015, same results on standard and average cost method scoring.