Latimer met with mayor who asked about concerns. Latimer discussed companies that has unusual high scoring for economic development. 

Mayor responded with asking about certifications. Mayor specifically asked about DLZ, as an example. Latimer told him it was not headquartered in Detroit, Michigan but in Columbus, Ohio. DLZ was subcontracted to Superior for both 2014 and 2015. 

Latimer explained that having certification was the difference between winning and losing. That was the end of conversation with the mayor. 

DLZ subsequently got its certification yanked which caused it to topple from the top ranking on both 2014 and 2015. 

Michael Bullotta passes a note to Mark Chutkow. Chutkow asks for a 5 minute break and judge agrees. 

11:56AM Bobby Ferguson typically sharply dressed in a grey suit is huddled with all three of his defense lawyers.

12:06PM Still on break but Mark Chutkow and Jim Thomas approach the witness to get some explanations. 

12:07PM Back in session. Chutkow hands Latimer a page out of the mayor's calendar, May 4th, 2006. 

Letter sent to Human Rights department head Gerard Philips asking him to investigate DLZ's certification status. The letter is dated May 5th, 2006. Day after Latimer met with the mayor. Mercado asked Latimer to write the letter 

Latimer says he had previously checked into companies' certification status but not quite like this with the director copied. 

Looking at email from Dan Edwards to Kim Harris of Human Rights department  Also to look into DLZ's certification status. 

Letter from Phillips of Human Rights department to Latimer saying that DLZ's certification has been revoked. 

Now looking at letter from Detroit Program Management joint venture letter of submission accompanying their proposal. Dated March 23rd, 2006. The 2 joint venture partners are Detroit Contract and Xcel. They ultimately won contract 2015. 

Do you know if DLZ was ever notified that their headquarter status had been revoked? I don't know that says Latimer.. 

Letter from Gerard Grant Philips on November 26th, 2007 to Mercado, Latimer, Gary Fujita, deputy director of DWSD. Subject line is DLZ certification status. It is certfied with the Human Rights department and will expire in August 2008. 

Philips never explained why he changed course and re-certified DLZ. 

Going back to cost scoring of contract 2014. With standard scoring, Superior with subcontractor DLZ were at number 1. After average cost method, still #1. But after DLZ's certification was revoked, it moved to 3rd position. 

Do you know if Superior was ever advised that its subcontractors certification had been revoked? Not that I'm aware of. 

Did Superior and DLZ win either f these contracts? No says Latimer. 

Now looking at A & H Detroit business certification document. 

During evaluation project, Edwards identified that Lakeshore had a company that was down as Detroit headquartered but had no certification. 

Latimer investigated it with Human Rights. 

Normally if there is not one in the file, can you have a new one? 

Did you have that type of certification for A & H? No says Latimer. 

When the certification for A & H arrived late, Latimer asked Mercado what they should do about it. Mercado said to add it.