12:29PM After late certification arrival what position did Lakeshore move to? Second. 

And who got contract 2014? Lakeshore. 

Did you discuss with Mercado who the contracts should go to? Yes he didn't want both to go to one company so DPM would get 2015 and Lakeshore would get 2014. 

Mercado "didn't like to put all his eggs in one basket" by giving both contracts to one company. 

Had you ever seen certifications being revoked or issued like this? No it only happened on one other contract that I can remember. 

Latimer says the pulling of the certification for DLZ reduced their score and put Lakeshore in the running. 

Do you know if Ferguson Enterprises was sub-contractor on 2014? I believe so. 

Did Superior's technical proposal meet all the standards? Yes.

12:34PM A recommendation from Latimer to Gary Fujita and Mercado in May 25th 2006 on awarding contract 2014. 

Latimer recommended the contract go to Lakeshore. Lakeshore's costs are about $1.6 million higher than Superior Engineering? Yes. 

Another recommendation from Latimer in May 2006 this time on May 23rd 2006 on contract CM 2015. 

Detroit Program Management team was recommended. Superior's costs were about $2 million less than DPM team.

If they had gone with Superior would that have resulted in saving costs? Latimer says he can't say for sure. 

If superior had performed contract as anticipated would that have resulted in cost savings to department? Yes says Latimer. 

Thomas objects as speculation. Judge sustains  

12:39PM Jim Thomas for Kwame Kilpatrick cross-examines. 

Thomas says he wants to talk about what was going on in the city of Detroit at the time. 

Discusses the hiring of minority persons. 

Were you aware of preferences given to minorities? Latimer says that was in the past but it was struck down. 

But there was in the 24 years a preference. and the reason for that? Because there was a disparity in terms of business says Latimer. 

Thomas asks Latimer to explain multiplier factor. 

That was struck down by the supreme court says Thomas. 

When did Detroit headquarter business come into effect? Latimer says not sure somewhere around 2000. 

But it was in effect around the time of these businesses we were talking about? Correct says Latimer. 

That is still in effect even now? Correct says Latimer.