Thomas says you had an opinion the way that the RFPs went out that you probably shouldn't have done that? Latimer agrees. 

Do you have an opinion as to the quality of work of EBI (one of the bidding contractors on 2014)? Yes says Latimer. One of their executives who was very good left and after that the quality of the company's work suffered and there was a lawsuit against them. 

Is that the kind of business that you want doing the work? No says Latimer. 

They paid taxes and had certification? Yes says Latimer. 

And there bid was significantly lower? Yes. 

Would you says why they would do that? Latimer says that sometimes when they really want the work they bid very low and then if they get the job hope to make it up through work orders. 

Then there was Vision Consultants. What was the difference with them? I believe they had the lowest price says Latimer. 

In 2006 were you aware that DLZ was not Detroit-headquartered? Yes in my estimation they were Ohio-headquartered. 

So Mercado asked your advice? No he didn't ask my advice says Latimer. 

"He asked me for other options relative to the scoring cost," says Latimer. 

9:46AM What is the purpose of average cost method? Latimer says to try to determine the effort level needed to do a job and then the lowest cost. 

So Thomas says eliminate the advantage EBI tried to get by lowballing the bid? 

You indicated that EBI be thrown out of the process? Yes.

 With the average cost method it appeared to be more fair to everyone else? Correct says Latimer. 

And EBI drops from number 2 to number 5? Yes says Latimer. 

And Superior is still #1. What is wrong with Superior still being 1? I don't understand the question. 

Well Superior was working with DLZ and DLZ was headquartered in Ohio. So true or false they were headquartered in Detroit? Not my job to determine that says Latimer. 

It was not true DLZ was headquartered in Detroit? In my estimation says Latimer. 

And they got decertified? Yes says Latimer. 

So third column takes superior Engineering out? Out of the top 2, yes says Latimer. 

DPM didn't get the contract thought they were #1? No says Latimer. 

2014 contract went to Lakeshore Engineering. 2015 went to DPM. Latimer explains as he did yesterday that Mercado didn't want to give both contracts to one company. 

Thomas says process was changed when EBI came with lowball bid on 2014 and 2015. Decided to use average cost method? 

No one mentioned that EBI was going to be targeted but they were going to be put on a more equal footing? Correct says Latimer. 

I have nothing further says Thomas.