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9:55AM Rataj cross-examining Latimer. It's so on. 

You are currently deputy director of DWSD? Correct says Latimer. 

You testified you became deputy director in February 2010? Yes. 

And prior to that you worked in contracts and grants? Yes. 

Around 2003 soon after Kwame Kilpatrick became mayor? Yes. 

And before that you were government analyst? Head, yes says Latimer. 

You know Dan Edwards? Yes says Latimer. 

What was he before contracts and grants? He was head governmental analyst like me. 

So when you were promoted to manager of contracts and grants where was Edwards on the food chain? He was one below me says Latimer. 

Between 2002 and 2008 in the Kilpatrick administration, there were 40 to 60 contracts awarded? Yes says Latimer. 

Mr. Edwards told us that some of the engineers were too close to contracts. Would you agree? Yes says Latimer. 

Would you agree prior to Kilpatrick certain engineers would try to steer contracts to their favorites? Yes. 

Mercado was a tough boss, no nonsense? Yes. 

He had a different perspective than the other directors. He was an engineer? I didn't know that says Latimer. 

But prior to him most of the directors were politicians? Some says Latimer. 

Once Kilpatrick became mayor there was a push to give 30% of business to Detroit based business, minority enterprises and small business? Yes. 

You agreed with the policy behind the executive order? Yes. 

You know Mr Ferguson? Yes. 

He had a Detroit-based company, employees, more than 51% of which resided in the city of Detroit? Yes says Latimer. 

Ferguson would sometimes call you to clarify a contract? Yes. 

That's not unusual? that's common says Latimer. 

And most of Ferguson's calls were about payments? Yes says Latimer. 

You testified to the grand jury that Ferguson has a strong personality? Yes. 

But he never threatened you? No.