And you never got complaints from other DWSD employees about threats from Ferguson? No says Latimer. 

Rataj showing Latimer roster of DWSD directors including Charlie Williams who had 2 different stints, both during Coleman Young administration. Did you know that Williams had a relationship with Inland with Soave? 

Then there was Kathleen Leavey and Gary Fujita says Rataj. 

Rataj says he is going to take Latimer through contracts. 

First up is 1387. Winning bidder on this one was Lakeshore. Lakeshore was never technically awarded that contract. 

Looking at memo from Gary Fujita to Awni Qaqish on July 25th 2002. Fujita seems to be questioning need for 1387. Is that right asks Rataj? Correct says Latimer. 

But you were aware that people within DWSD were questioning propriety of 1387? Correct says Latimer. 

Another memo from Jaquelyn Jordan to Victor Mercado in November 2002. Jordan was contracts and grants manager prior to Latimer. 

What's going on in the memo? Basically it's asking for the people named to be the evaluation team to evaluate and negotiate with company selected for project says Latimer. 

This was an RFP? Correct says Latimer. 

Now this committee is going to evaluate RFPs? Correct says Latimer. 

So as of this point in November 2002 Lakeshore Engineering had not be granted the contract? Correct. 

Now looking at a letter from a head engineer John McGrell saying in his estimation there is not much need for contract 1387. Says that currently his group volume is over $1 billion at a rate of $9 million per month. 

Now looking at memo from Darryl Latimer on February 10th 2003 to Victor Mercado through Gary Fujita. Latimer says that McGrell the engineer had been selected as an evaluator but he didn't have the time so the letter was to get him removed. 

So by February 10th 2003 Lakeshore engineering still not awarded 1387? Correct says Latimer. 

And do you know the amount of 1387? I believe it was $5 million. 

But it was an as needed project? Yes. 

So it's incorrect to say they lost $5 million because it's possible that as an as needed contract they might never received a penny. Isn't that true? Yes. 

Looking at note from Miriam Dixon on March 10th 2003 to Mercado about contract 1387. 

Latimer says that this is a cover sheet for negotiation approval. Based on the total scores from evaluator, the highest scoring firm is recommended to director. 

As of March 10th 2003, Lakeshore still not awarded 1387? Correct. 

"While the evaluation looks ok, this still appears to be outsourcing contract, I don't know if engineering has the resources or skill sets to do the work" note on document from Gary Fujita. 

Another document a day later, March 11th 2003, from Ed Ramey who was a principal analyst in DWSD, to Latimer. Ramey questioned some of the scoring by evaluators and thought it wasn't fair. He thought some of the contractors were purposely being low-balled to eliminate them from contention. 

"Another indication of intentional low-balling is reflected in the high score given to Lakeshore Engineering in the category "Work completed timely and at Cost." 

"Throughout the meeting KVR (head field engineering) and RCS (another engineer) imposed their opinion...."