Those engineers were of Indian descendant? Yes. 

And one of them knew Rachmale of Lakeshore? Yes. 

And it appeared they were attempting to steer to contract to Lakeshore? Yes. 

Looking at scoring, Lakeshore got 10 across the board. So that's what Mr. Ramey was concerned with? Yes. 

So as of March 11th 2003 Lakeshore still had not been awarded 1387? Correct. 

10:29AM Judge says let's take a 20 minute break. Defense is totally breaking down Lakeshore executives Tom Hardiman and Avinash Rachmale's testimony that contended that Bobby Ferguson got their water contracts 1361 ($10 million) and 1387 ($5 million) cancelled. Clearly there were internal concerns at DWSD with the awarding of the contracts to Lakeshore. 

You can tell Bobby is pleased- just gave Rataj a huge bear hug and both men are beaming. 

This round definitely goes to the defense. Government is going to be scrambling on re-direct.

10:52AM Break is almost over. Defense lawyers, defendants and prosecutors all tend to congregate at the first floor shop on the break. Today was no different and the mood amongst the defense team was definitely pumped. They knew they had scored some points with the jury on the last round. 

10:55AM Mike Rataj continuing his cross-examination of Darryl Latimer. 

Looking at April 11th 2003 from Miriam Dixon to Mercado on 1387. 

So by this point 1387 still not awarded to Lakeshore? correct. 

Note from Gary Fujita on memo: " Victor- I thought there was a "hold" on this." 

Another letter on April 17th 2003 from Gary Fujita. a follow-up to last document. Questioning still need for contract. 

Handwritten note on letter from Mercado: "Darryl please see me. I thought we already had similar contracts." 

Would you agree that 1387 was similar to 1368? No says 1368 actually did construction of sewer lines. 1387 oversaw construction. 

1387 was an as needed contract? Correct says Latimer. 

So bottom-line, internally DWSD is trying to figure out if you need 1387? Latimer agrees. 

Letter dated May 6th 2003, letter from Mercado to Latimer that says again that he thought they already had similar contracts. 

So at this point still not awarded to Lakeshore? Correct. 

Internal DWSD memo from May 12th 2003 listing engineers. From Mercado to Latimer. States that 1387 will be cancelled or will be performed in house. So as of May 12th 2003, contract is shutdown asks Rataj? Correct. 

So as of this date May 12th 2003 Lakeshore never got this contract 1387? Latimer agrees. 

Letter from Victor Mercado to Rachmale dated May 16th 2003. Latimer says that the letter explains that the contract has been cancelled and they are not moving forward to Lakeshore Engineering. 

More letters, on the same date, letting other companies including Applied Science, Boone Management, Camp Dresser and McKee, GM Engineers and Associates, Madison International, The Traverse Group, Tucker Young, Jackson and Tull and White Construction. All received the same letter Lakeshore did about contract cancellation. So bottom-line Lakeshore was never awarded that contract? Yes. 

There were questions within DWSD whether 1387 was necessary? correct.