Rataj says the stop order relates to restoration work that is done by sub-contractor after underlying work they have been contracted for has already been performed.

The are 7 work job sites listed on the order. Rataj says this has to do with putting sites back together. Asks the witness if this is not a pain for contractors. Paszkiwiecz says she wouldn't know.

Rataj asks if FEI would sub-contract restoration work. Witness says that she believes that sometimes they would.

10:30AM Rataj says that Ferguson was sued because anderjon did not do restoration work.

Chutkow objects and says this is not in scope. Judge agrees.

Rataj says restoration work is expensive. Witness says she doesn't know if it is or not but "it costs money."

Rataj introducing document on sinkhole project sent to "Bob Ferguson". Witness doesn't recognize the document from April 14th 2005. There are 9 different items of restoration work connected to the sinkhole that Ferguson was working on. Total for work is $482,585. Witness says this does look like it specific to the 15 mile sinkhole.

Rataj says this is an agreement with another company to do the work. Rataj says this comes out of Ferguson's money. Witness says she doesn't know.

Rataj asks if $482,000 is a lot of money. Witness says she doesn't know, compared to her salary it is.

Ferguson made $3.1 million on this sinkhole project

Now looking at invoice from R&R for work on 15 mile and Hayes. It is an invoice for $6,165.

Purchase order for JT & Sons for 15 mile from Keith Merrit who worked for Ferguson. Again related to restoration work. Invoice amount is for $27,890.

Another purchase order from Merrit for company O'Laughlin for sinkhole repair. Total amount is $33,680.

Last one, another purchase order from Merrit of FEI to Dubay Landscaping Services relating to 15 mile sinkhole. Total amount is $43,010.

Rataj's point seems to be that Ferguson did not pocket the full $3.1 million but paid some of that out to sub-contractors on restoration. Not including the contract agreement for more than $482,000, which presumably FEI ended up paying out, that's about $110,000 on purchase orders that FEI paid out.

10:45AM Judge calls for 20 minute break.

11:00AM It's pizza day at the courthouse. The first floor snack shop sells Papa Romano's pizza on Thursday. Apparently Kwame bought 3 hard boiled eggs and he's snacking away on them before going back into the courtroom. He also got 2 bottles of water to wash down that egg aftertaste.

Apparently, earlier this morning when court was late getting started, Jim Thomas was explaining that Ferguson was having problems getting into the courthouse to US Attorney Michael Bullotta.

To which Bullotta replied "I can't control karma."

Long morning of cross. Jurors were yawning away.

11:07AM Rataj ends his cross of EPA agent Paszkiewicz.

Rataj introduces a series of documents into evidence. Looking at DWSD contract between Inland Waters and Ferguson Enterprises. Executed on November 12th 2002. Ferguson enterprises began working on 1368 prior to the contract says Rataj. Witness says she doesn't know that.

Rataj shows an invoice for 1368 from Inland for showing a request for payment of $291,000. That's the amount that Inland looked to be paid by the DWSD in 2002 before 1368 was formally approved. Inland billing DWSD for FEI for more than $59,000.

Rataj showing field record prepared by FEI on the sinkhole at 15 mile and Hayes Rd. Date of document is August 23rd, 2004. Lists people who worked in the field and the number of hours they worked.

Paszkiewicz points out that there is a question from the jurors.